In the beginning….

February 1, 2005 § 1 Comment

Woo-hoo! Here am I, and here we go. Never one to resist peer pressure when it does not entail something illegal immoral or fattening (ok, scratch that last one) I have begun my own live journal. Perhaps I shall even keep up with this one! *does cabbage patch* go journal, go journal, go go gojournal!


§ One Response to In the beginning….

  • (OT) Louve/Le Loup Peint birthday reminder
    Hi! 🙂
    I found your LJ through a link in the Friend’s section of ‘s LJ profile. I don’t mean to get off topic, but I tried sending you a message through
    and the blasted thing wouldn’t let me, said I was over my limit 😛 I chose to post this as a reply to one of your old posts so Louve won’t see it as a reply to one your newer postings on her friends page
    I wanted to send you a reminder that tomorrow, 1 DEC is Louve’s birthday or as you may know her, , so make sure to wish her a happy birthday 🙂
    If you do not know how to contact her, try sending a message here
    I’m not a glory hound, so unless she asks, don’t tell her I reminded you and if she does ask, I want to remain anonymous, just knowing she’ll appreciate the birthday wishes is enough for me 🙂 (though knowing her, she’ll figure it out anyway)
    If you’re wondering who I am, I have been a longtime friend of Louve. I am the person she talks about on her page at
    (not trying to get any glory for that either, just making sure you know who I am and that I am who I say I am)
    Take care!

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