Another day, another Junior

February 8, 2005 § 3 Comments

Here I am in the president’s office. Holding down the fort apparently. No one is here but me. Glad I already took a potty break.

It’s incredibly boring and I appear to have exhausted my internet diversions. I think my best friend is having a baby today, but I can’t call on an outside line to find out. The fact that I got an auto-reply when I emailed her is the BIG TIP-OFF. She’s having a little boy, and they are naming him Stephen Anthony, Jr.

Not a big fan of the Junior bit. I’m slightly prejudiced tho, because if I had been a boy, I was going to be a Junior. As it is, I still ended up with my dad’s middle name, but the Juniors (for the most part) that I have known have been shamefully red-necked. Mind you, I’m coming froma primarily Southern East Texas Northern Louisianna back ground, so *everyone* was probably rednecked in my experience, but the Juniors (especially the ones that were family) always stuck out.

But I won’t hold that against Little Stevie. He can’t help it. Maybe he will be here today. Have to wait and see.


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§ 3 Responses to Another day, another Junior

  • celandineb says:

    I don’t like the custom of Junior either. (I actually had a kid who was a IV in a class last term!) Seems like they’re always going to be in daddy’s shadow… which is IMO not a good thing to do to your child.
    My SO got his dad’s first name but a different middle name, so he’s not a junior and has been called by his middle name all his life. That brings its own set of problems! I’m adamantly against doing something like that, at such time as we might be thinking about it.

  • and has been called by his middle name all his life. That brings its own set of problems!
    Amen sister! I am called by my middle name and it is a royal pain in the A@@! It’s something I swore I wouldn’t do to my own child… and I stuck to that!
    Glad to see we can agree on something again 😉

  • DT says:

    yeah, it has actually created some confusion for me about my own name. My family calles me by my middle name, tho I usually intro myself by my first and middle. I finally asked my mother not too long ago why they bothered naming me Michale if they were only going to call me Dawn anyway. Her response was rather… off-putting. “It wasn’t necessary. It [Michael} served it’s purpose.” ie: it was merely a place holder so there could be no Juniors. This knowledge actually created a minor crisis of identity for me. I was disappointeed that my name didn’t hold more meaning for the people that gave it to me. I like my name. I don’t like the fact that it was so flippantly given.

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