Still cad breed.

February 24, 2005 § 2 Comments

This cold sucks. Ah well, theraflu is my bro right now.

So last night as i was groggily making my way back to my dorm, I passed a bunch of girls playing poker. Apparently it is the new poker club where everyone is learnig to play (I got the impression that no one really knows how to play– they had books they were looking at.) They asked me to join in, so I sat down, knowing absplutely nothing about poker beyond what I have picked up from obsessivley watching the Celebrity Poker Showdaown. Of course, this wasn’t Texas Hold ’em, so I was a tad out of my element. But the hand i sat down to was really good. I had three of a kind and an ace (is that an ace kicker?) so I won that hand. I lost the next hand, but in the end, won the whole pot. Who knew? I just walked into the game, and took it away. So, I’m thinking I’m going to join the wed. night poker game at school. It was fun!

Today, I plan to walk thru the snow (so pretty!) to Utrecht to get my necessary implements for my CUBE OF DOOM. I am giong to be so sick of cubes by the end of this class…


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