What a day!!

March 1, 2005 § 6 Comments

Where did it go? I actually spent most of it sleeping. Missed ANOTHER class (Figure drawing– the guilt is mounting) but not without reason. Last week’s nasty head cold has morphed into this week’s nasty bout of bronchitis. So I got a lecture from my mother about how I need to take better care of myself because i have “weak lungs” (yes, she is a tad over-protective) and that I cannot just assume I’m better when I *feel* better. Hey, I figured I had a cold for a week, it was DUE to be over with. What’s wrong with trying to get out of the house after an illness? Apparently, according to Mother Doom and Gloom, Pnuemonia is what’s the matter. *rolls eyes*

I am impatient with illness. It should just get over itself.

Last night was a rough one. I am still struggling. But I think I prayed thru for the time being.

I also decided to post some of my poetry, since that is always fun, and I need a central place for it anyway. So here’s today’s poem:

Ode to a Diner

Smoky hazy
Marvin Gaye
Floats by
Through the tinny
Un-distilled air.
Fans rage as glasses chink
And diners scrape plates
Absently pattering
Over the days events.
“Jumpin’ Jumpin'”
On the jukebox
Competes with
Twangy Country
As Lazy Dog lurks
Through yonder window.
Kitschy creatures
Crave audience
Behind the counter
As waiters waft by
Watchfully waiting
To grant your fill.
Hazy smoky
Try not to choke
On the atmosphere that is
Vale Rio.


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