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March 10, 2005 § 4 Comments

Ok, so I have tried my hand at a little fan fiction… Here’s the fisrt chapter of my story. I think I will start posting them on a chapter by chapter basis. Any input if greatly valued.

The working title is “Once a Queen of Narnia, always a Queen of Narnia.” Long title I know… lol It’s about Susan. It always bothered me that she wasn’t there at the end. So here’s my spin.


Once there were four children named Peter Susan Edmund and Lucy. They had discovered a magic country quite by accident one day through an enchanted wardrobe in the house of a man named Professor Digory Kirke.
Time ran differently in that world (called Narnia) and they all grew up and became Kings and Queens. One day, after having been there for many years, they stumbled across the doorway again and came out at the exact moment of the exact day they had originally left, only to find that they were children once more.
As the years went by, they would from time to time be pulled back into Narnia for more adventures, but as the children grew older, they were each told they could no longer visit their magic kingdom.
Thousands of years went by in Narnia while time marched slowly in this world and eventually Aslan, the Most High King and Son of the Emperor Over the Sea, ended time there in an epic last battle.

A new Narnia was created for all those who belonged to Aslan. Peter, Edmund, and Lucy; Prof. Kirke, and Aunt Polly were all traveling by train when there was a crash, sending them hurtling into the New Narnia, where their cousin, Eustace Scrubb, and friend, Jill Pole, were waiting for them with all of their other Narnian friends. There they were welcomed by Aslan and told they would remain for all time.

But this story is not about them. This particular story is about Susan Pevensie, and about why she did not return with her brothers and sister.

The reason that Susan did not die in the train wreck was because she was not on the train. And the reason she was not on the train was because she was not in England.

You see, Susan had Grown Up and become an Important Lady of Substance (which is a grown-up way of saying that she had lots of money and all of her friends had lots of money and they didn’t care two figs about you if you didn’t have lots of money.)

This story is about how Susan went very very far from home, and how she came back again.

Chapt 1 Narnia

When Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy prepared to return to England from helping to instate Prince Caspian as rightful King over Narnia, Aslan gave the two oldest children troubling news. They were too old to return to Narnia.

There were tears and hugs, but also the assurance that they would meet Aslan again, but not in this world. He told them that they would also be able to find him in their world, but by another Name.

A time came when their father was to go to America for a summer lecture tour. It was decided that of the four children, Susan would benefit most from a trip abroad while Peter would stay with Prof. Kirke to study for exams, leaving the two youngest to stay with their Aunt and Uncle.
Susan was thrilled to be singled out for a chance to “see the world.” The night before the trip to the station from whence they would be whisked away to their separate destinations, the children gathered as usual in Peter’s room to meet as the “Friends of Narnia.”

“I can’t wait to see America!” said Susan. “This is the most splendid thing to ever happen to me! Oh, I shall have so much fun… all of the lights and sights and clothes! You won’t recognize me when I get back.”
“Oh, it sounds splendid indeed,” grumped Edmund. “While you’re off on holiday, we’ll be stuck with that snotty little brat, Eustace.”
“It’s not so bad, Ed,” said Lucy, ever the optimist. “We’ll be together, at least. It is exciting, Susan. You must keep a journal while you’re away and tell us everything that happens.”
“Well, not everything, of course. There are some things too sophisticated for a little girl your age to understand.”
Susan had adopted the superior tone she sometimes used when trying to sound grown-up, but dropped it as soon as she saw the hurt look on her sister’s face.
“I’m sorry, Lu. Of course I’ll tell you everything! And I’ll bring back something especially nice for you, too.”
“Well, I’m glad for you, Su,” said Peter. “Though I must say I wouldn’t trade my trip to Prof. Kirke’s for anything; even a trip to America! He’s promised to tell me all about the beginnings of Narnia and about first meeting Aslan. I’m going to help him document and categorize all we know about it. It’s all so exciting, I can hardly wait!”
“Yes, well, as exciting as all that sounds,” Susan made a face that showed quite clearly that she didn’t think it sounded at all exciting, “I’m looking forward to the States.”

The next morning, the children said their good byes at the station as they waited for the trains that would carry them off to their various holiday destinations. Mrs. Pevensie made sure to offer up last minute instructions to be sure to behave and please not cause any rows with their cousin and that if there were any emergencies to not hesitate to call Prof. Kirke, and that if they simply must speak to Mother or Father, that the good Professor had their complete schedule and where they could be found every moment of their stay in America.

Finally, Susan arrived with her parents to the ship that would carry them across the ocean and far away, farther away than Susan had ever been. Her eyes grew wide as they took in the monstrous vessel bound for New York. She couldn’t believe that anything that huge could stay afloat.

“Now, Susan,” said her father, “I know you’ll behave yourself. You are a young Lady now, and I know you will act that way. Make me proud dearest.”

Susan flushed with pleasure at his words and controlled the impulse to throw her arms around his neck like a little girl. “Oh Father! I shall make you proud. I shall be the picture of a Lady!”

But as even as she stood straight and tall and proud, Susan began to feel very small and very much as a little girl once more as she gazed at the gigantic vessel.
“Don’t be a baby, Su,” she told herself. “After all, in Narnia you are a Queen.”

With a private smile, she tossed back her long dark braids and stepped onto the gangplank.

Soon after leaving port, Susan’s excitement was overwhelmed with extreme seasickness.

“I’ve always hated sailing,” she moaned that evening.
“But Susan, “ Mrs. Pevensie protested, “you’ve never been on the water.”
Not caring to explain, Susan turned and faced the wall of her bunk. Even as a Queen of Narnia, Susan had preferred the life on land to that at sea. Especially after one particularly nasty trip abroad that had nearly resulted in marriage.

“How I wish I were in Narnia right now,” she said to herself as a tear slipped down her cheek and she drifted off to sleep.

That night, she dreamt she was lying in a field in Narnia. She looked and beside her was Aslan, bigger and more golden than ever.

“Oh Aslan! I’ve missed you so!” She threw her arms around his neck as far as they would go and buried herself in the rich living gold of his mane.
“I’m going to America with Mother and Father. It’s terribly exciting, isn’t it?”
Aslan just looked at her with his deep unblinking gaze.
“I mean, I’d much rather be in Narnia with you, but this is nearly as good, isn’t it? I do miss you awfully.” She rested her head against his neck and listened to his deep resonant breathing. “I wish I could stay here forever.”
Aslan still said nothing so she looked up at his face. She watched as one great glistening teardrop slowly slid down his face and splashed to the ground at her feet.
When she looked back up, she was alone at the Hill of the Stone Table. It was nighttime and there was not a sound. Everything looked as it had that terrible night that she and Lucy had followed him to his midnight meeting with the White Witch. Susan began to shiver as all of the horror, cold and loneliness of that night’s awful events came rushing back to her.
Suddenly, Aslan’s voice spoke from all around.
“Remember, Child… Do not forget.”

Susan awoke with her pillow wet with tears but she couldn’t remember why.


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