Road to wellness

March 10, 2005 § 2 Comments

So, today I have nearly finished my antibiotic (only one dose left) but I am still not well. My chest is *still* congested, and tonight, I felt completely nauseated. I had to go to bed at 6. I’m up now, of course, but not for long. I feel blecchy.

So, SPRING BREAK 2005 is still going strong. Walked the mall for a few hours today, and going back tomorrow. There is something sad about spending my Spring Break at the mall. As opposed to other hedonistic pursuits, I suppose. *sigh* Never really been one for hedonism.

My dear friend from high school, with whom I walked the mall, has lost 40 lbs on weight watchers recently. She told me that her body image had not yet caught up to her new body. So I made her try on 3 gorgeous prom gowns. It seemed to work, and we found this red slinky number that I really think she should get for her upcoming cruise. ‘Twould make for quite the pleasant surprise for her hubby. I like to help. 😀


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§ 2 Responses to Road to wellness

  • julieatnu says:

    Regarding spring break and hedonism: the highlight of my spring break will be a trip to Iowa. Yes, the vacation mecca that is Iowa. I have to say I’m really excited, if only to find out what there is to see in Iowa. I will have to take lots of pictures. 😛

  • koinegeek says:

    Ack, sorry to hear you’re still not well. Hopefully it’ll pass soon! (in time for school (and there was much rejoicing… (yayy)))
    Hedonism is overrated. It ends up serving itself 🙂

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