March 12, 2005 § 4 Comments

Yesteday and today have been spent in the pursuit of a vehicle for my brother. His current choice is no longer drivable. The problem is, he has no established credit. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Zip.

It’s astounding to me that society almost enforces this idea of indebting yourself. In order to get a loan, you must have already have loans. If you have not already put yourself in debt, you are denied the pleasure of doing so. *rolls eyes* and people wonder why we have such a huge national debt. It’s the mentality of our society.

Anyhoo– my whole point is that I called a bank for him today that *may* give him the loan he needs. BUt we need prayer. SO if you guys could pray for this situation, it would be greatly appreciated. Dave and I prayed in teh car on the way back about it, but more prayer is always welcome.

Thanks everybody!!

God bless,



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