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Who is your favorite Final Fantasy hero? Cloud. I LIKE BIG SWORDS AND I CANNOT LIE!Squall. I’M ANGSTY. OMG GUN BLADE.Tidus. I HATE MY DAD! WHINE!Zidane. Who the crap is Zidane?Locke. WTF? Now you’re just making crap up.
Inversely, who is your favorite Final Fantasy villain? Sephiroth. I LOVE MY MOM AND WANT TO BE A GOD.Seifer. Ur all st00pid lol i’m the sorceress’s knight w00t w00tMaester Seymour. Everyone’s favorite effeminate sexual predator.Kuja. THATS A MAN, BABY!Kefka. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE!
What is your weapon of choice?
Moogles or Chocobo? Moogles. Kupo, biatch.Chocobo. Its riding in style.I’m more partial to Tonberries myself.ARE YOU ON CRACK?I like fajitas.
So, wanna go camp Valkurm Emperor then go farm beehive chips in Giddeus? Sure.No thanks. My LS wants me to do Eco A TRAP!KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!
Angsty hero with pointy hair and a MYSTERIOUS PAST. koinegeek
Main hero’s romantic interest that can summon stuff! eric_hinkle
The diminuitive Black Mage. BLACK MAGES RAWK. camstone
The rough and tumble airship captain! kulhain
Uh ohes! COMIC RELIEF! No one likes your character. foehelm
The strong but silent ninja who only has three lines. thewhiteotter
The extremely hyper girl that can talk with animals and crap. camstone
Angry goth with a ten foot katana who wants to use the power of the planet to become a god kirikino
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