“Never a dull moment with you, is it?”

April 5, 2005 § 13 Comments

So spoke Jeanet in Student Sertvices this afternoon when she saw me hobbling in on a cane.

Yep, Folks, the Mistress of Disaster has struck again with a broken toe. It happened Saturday night when I attempted the ever-daunting task of — dun dun DUNNNN ascending the stairs. I tripped on the first step, slammed my shoulder into the bannister, crashed to my knees and slid down on my face.

Just call me Grace.

So I’m a wee bit sore and bruised, but I think that getting around is such an ordeal now, that it has to be burning more calories than typical walking about behaviors. That’s right, I keep on the Sunny Side, always on the sunny side.

Speaking of which, that particular song has been stuck in my head all day. If anyone has any suggestions for a reasonable replacement, I will gladly accept them here.

In an hour I am due to my Exec Suite work study type thing. I already warned them that I am unable to jump wfor copies every five minutes like I’m usually expected to do. Not sure what they will have for me, since… well… that’s my job, and all, but … maybe they’ll just let me answer phones.

Hm. We’ll see.

Thanks to all who have been offering prayers for healing– i do feel a lot better, and am sure I will have a (relatively) quick recovery.



§ 13 Responses to “Never a dull moment with you, is it?”

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