*blissfull sigh*

April 6, 2005 § 11 Comments

I had such lovely dreams last night. I could wax poetic (and have done, ahem) but i don’t wish to subject you all to my saccharine musings. 😉 Knowing how anti-romance I typically am when not in an altered state of consciousness, I will try to be mindful of you folks, even in the midst of my own twitterpation.

But it’s a beautiful day. At 10 AM it is already 58 degrees, and every dorm window I can see is open. Spring has sprung, folks, and it is gorgeous.

I wish I wasn’t tied to a desk all day today. And that my foot were just a tad better. I’d walk to Rittenhouse Square, or maybe just out to Logan Circle and have a coffee and just soak it all in.

My foot is sooo much better today. I took the tape off last night and was horrified by what i saw. It looks nasty, but the swelling has gone down, and I can put some weight on it. I have dispensed with the cane anyway. But I’m still walking around in teh fuzzy pink slippers. Yeah, I look real professional today.

le sigh I wanna go outside… Well, there are other things I want slightly more than that, cough, but for now, I’d settle with just being outdoors. 😉


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