A question of origins.

August 21, 2005 § 17 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, some on my flist were heatedly debating the validity of teaching Intelligent Design in science classrooms. We could debate the scientific/religious validity of both sides of the issue til we’re blue in the face. However, I’m more curious to know where people stand on this issue of origins. What do you think?

Keep in mind that no matter what theory wins out in a poll, there can be only one true answer. It’s just always interesting to see what people think that answer might be.

Feel free to post your own theories.


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§ 17 Responses to A question of origins.

  • You know, despite how I voted, I’ve personally come to believe that, thanks to relativity, there’s no way to correctly gauge the age of the earth or the universe at large.

  • DT says:

    *aside* I tend to go by how the years add up in Scripture. But that’s just me. 😉

  • True, but the difficult part comes when you realize that gravity, speed, and other factors affect the rate at which those years flow. There could be parts of the universe that are billions of years old, parts that are thousands of years old, even a few parts that are only minutes old, even though all of them were created “at the same time.”
    Only God could have come up with something that weird, hee.

  • DT says:

    Dude. That is weird. Of course, the idea of relativity is also merely a theory… *brain begins to smoke*
    Ow. i think I thought too hard.

  • Teehee! I helped break Dawn’s brain!

  • I have my own theories, but they’re not important to my salvation. God created this mess (see Genesis 1:1), and 1:* and 2:* go into a few more details – but to touch on exactly how He did it is simply pedantry, and one of those pointless arguments that Paul discouraged Timothy from engaging in in 2Tim.

  • judetherat says:

    Relativity isn’t a theory – unlike evolution – in fact its because we know about the relativistic effects of space-time curvature due to the Earth’s mass that we can take advantage of satellite communications, GPS and the like.
    I really need to finish that physics degree. ^_^
    In striking contrast, while biology has made leaps and bounds, evolutionary theory hasn’t provided a single piece of techology, or medicine or anything that we can use in a practical manner.

  • akelavincent says:

    Yeah, I guess I’m sort of along the same lines as … I didn’t vote above because there wasn’t really an option that fit me. I think it’s possible that God created everything in 7 literal days, but I also think it’s possible that He did it over a much longer period of time, and perhaps using some evolution-like processes along the way. Ultimately, though, I’ve seen enough evidence to know that God is real, and the Bible is true, but as to the exact specifics of things like how Genesis and modern science match up… I don’t really care, because I don’t believe it makes a difference to the heart of the Gospel. (I’m the same way with theories about Revelation, incidentally.) I’m not at all a proponent of “blind faith,” either; I’ve often thought how fortunate it is that I was raised with a Christian background, because otherwise, I’d probably have been VERY hard to convince. But creation vs. evolution, pre-millennial vs. post-millennial, and so on… it doesn’t make a difference on how I’m supposed to live my life, it doesn’t stop me from being able to fulfill His purpose, so I don’t worry about it.

  • arevanye says:

    I’m not stepping into the debate, but I found this picture hysterically funny. (Hope I don’t offend by linking to it, just delete this post if it does!)

  • DT says:

    “Touched by his noodle appendage”
    Not offended at all. It’s a rather snort-worthy pic! I know there are enough people out there who really belive we were touched by an alien. *shrug*
    That was funny. hehe

  • DT says:

    Re: *coughs*
    …and that’s why I’m an art major. hehehe. And also why I don’t usually jump into the fray about these things. I’ve heard enough of both sides to *think* I know where the good science lies, but not enough to be able to defend it intelligently.

  • DT says:

    Too right. that’s why I didn’t engage in the aforementioned debates. But it is intersting to see where everyone else leans. What I really wanted to see was what other theories were out there, but noone seems inclined to share. lol!

  • DT says:

    yeah, like i told Jude, i know enough to think I know what the answer is, but not enough to defend my position. And it doesn’t matter too much right now anyway. And I’m with you on the pre/post millenial stuff. Jury’s still out for me, but I figure we’ll kbnow one way or the other one day. lol, I’m not losong any sleep over it!
    Thanks for weighing in!

  • Well, since you seem to be curious… =^^=
    My own theory is that God did it all in seven lapses of 24 hours, just because he is fully capable of doing that. Though my wife’s theory is a little interesting – what of a day as the entire universe counts it? I don’t know how you would gauge it, as a day is the amount of time it takes for a planet to make one complete revolution on its spin axis, but it sounds intriguing.

  • DT says:

    Thought you should know…
    I was just perusing through old posts (ok, so I was really just plugging old posts into this text analyzer— apparently I mostly write like a cross between David Foster Wallace and James Joyce. Who knew?)
    ANYWAY– This little thread caught my attention, because I FINALLY GOT IT!! We are discussing Creation in our Sunday School class and this theory came up and it blew my mind all over again (but this time I understood) the concept of time and space relativity– how time here is moving at a pace that would date the earth with only 6000 years while at the same time, way off at the outer limits of the universe, BILLIONS of years have happened– AT THE SAME TIME!!!
    Ok, so it only took me five years to get it. Just thought you should know.

  • DT says:

    Re: *coughs*
    see my reply to stoker above… 🙂

  • Re: Thought you should know…
    Haha, oh wow, I had COMPLETELY forgotten about this conversation! Man, it’s been five years now? Where DOES the time go?
    It’s quite the mind-blowing concept when you actually get it, isn’t it? I remember when I first learned about relativity. To think that time itself, what would seem from our perspective to be the most stable and constant natural force in the universe, is actually proceeding at different rates all across creation. Like I said, only God could come up with something that weird. XD

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