Fiiiive Months of bills!!

November 28, 2005 § 6 Comments

Yeah, I’ve been all kinds of Christmassy since Nov 1. Or earlier. Matt bought Mercy Me’s Christmas CD a couple of days before Halloween. We had an early start.

I love Christmas music. I began collecting tapes and cds when I worked for the Deb Shop back in high school. We had 1 (one) tape to play over the holidays and it had to be played from mid November to Christmas. Suffice it to say, we got pretty sick of the same tape played on a loop. So it became a daily ritual for one of us to run upstairs and buy new Christmas tapes at Sam Goody. We amassed quite a collection before long.

And an obsession was born.

I’m much better these days, but my MAC has about 4 days worth of Christmas music on it, and that doesn’t count all the stuff I have on tapes. Like my Bob Rivers collection, and all my Christmas Comedy tapes. After 9/11, I have found, tho, that I can no longer play Weird Al’s “Christmas at Ground Zero.” Apparently, it has bad connotations for some folks.

Ok, I am SOOO ready for classes to be done. bleh.


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