Thursday night Bible Study.

July 22, 2006 § Leave a comment

Matt and i have been involved in a bible study for some time now, and we just started our new topic this week– God’s Love. Basically, the structure of our study is to ask a question, and with that question in mind, go through the NT book by book pulling out all relevant verses. Then we discuss those verses, and the context, and at the end of the study draw our conclusions based on everything we have found. It’s a loooog process. I’ve been part of this group for about 3 years now, and we have only completed two studies so far. Our first study asked the question “What was Jesus and His Apostles’ attitude towards scripture?” We pulled out any scripturee in which they quoted or fulfilled something, and analyzed whether they took a literal, figurative or hyperbolic interpretation of it. Basically, however Jesus and His Apostles approach scripture is the standard by which we should approach it. It was very interesting indeed! We came to the conclusion that Jesus was very careful to follow the OT scripture exactly, and allowed it to dictate His behavior and choices– following the Law and also fulfilling prophecy. The Apostles were already acknowledging the inspired NT writings as scripture.

Our second study asked the question, “What is the Christian’s relationship to the OT Scriptures?” That was mind blowing, because it dealt with the Law, and the fact that it is now done away with, and we live by a new Law under Christ. We are not to dip back into the OT Law for justification– we are no longer bound by any of it.

So our new topic is God’s love. What is the nature of His love, and how does He expect us to live in that love?

This Thursday, we began studying the book of Matthew, and it is interesting indeed. We looked at how Jesus’ compassion always prompted Him to action (9:35-38, 14:14-20, 15:32-37, 20:33-34) and He equated loving one’s enemies with being perfect(5:43-48.) It also showed God’s desire for us to show this love to others, or else risk punishment (18:23-35 and 25:31-46)


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