Just ’cause I can’t resist…

July 28, 2006 § 3 Comments

My buddy stokerbramwell commissioned me to make him a picture of his fursona– a bat (obviously), and i just had to share it with my whole flist. When trying to think of what I knew about Stoker, the first thought that came to mind was his obsession with C’thulu.

And so I present Tea with C’thulu.


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§ 3 Responses to Just ’cause I can’t resist…

  • eric_hinkle says:

    Stoker is going to love that picture. Who knew that Cthulhu was so very properly Victorian!

  • ashenfox says:

    Well…if you think about it, it’s the right time period. That is very well-suited to Stoker’s character.

  • I’ve been meaning to post that to my own LJ. Perhaps when I make my next entry…
    ALSO: Something amusing that just occurred to me. Although Stoker’s mouth is open, the text is actually closer to Cthulhu, so the pic COULD be read as him asking that question of me. INSTANT +10 FUNNY XD!

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