Meme Update…

August 1, 2006 § 19 Comments

So, these are the left-overs from last night’s meme. Come on folks, with the exception of #7, which is by an obscure Belfast band that only released two albums, I think everyone can recognize at least one of these songs.

1. “The trumpet sounds like a worldwide alarm clock/The dead rise, this might come as a shock/The day the grave will be unlocked”

2. “Feel when I dance with you/We move like the sea/You, you’re all I want to know…”

3. “Every time I think of you/I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue/It’s no problem of mine/But it’s a problem I find/Living a life that I can’t leave behind”

5. “I found You in the most unlikely way/But really it was You who found me/And I found myself in the gifts that You gave”

7. “If somethin’s missing in your life/come to me/I’ll be waiting for your call…”

8. “Oh I feel so tired/I cannot hardly keep open my eyes/My thoughts are scattered and I cannot say a word”

9. “It all went by so fast/I’m always looking back/On some golden day/But nothing gold can stay” Forward to the Future The OC Supertones Kengara

12. “Well my pad is very messy, got whiskers on my chin/Never had no problems ’cause I’ve always paid the rent/I got no time for lovin’/Cause my time is all used up…”

14. “Back in junior high, well, I was a bit wild/Pretty safe to say that I was a troubled child/Didn’t go to Juvie but they had me on file/Drinking like a man, but thinking like a child”

And because this is so much fun, and because the mix that shuffled up today was such a good one, I’m doing another 15!.

A. “You sit and stare out at the sky/And think of ways to fake a smile/But life is never what it seems/Sometimes it only take a while” I’m in the Way Jars of Clay kengara

B. “If I caught the world in a bottle/And everything was still beneath the moon/Without your love would it shine for me?” Until Sting mistressofrohan

C. “Whoa-o i’ve been banging my head against the wall/Whoa-o for so long it seems i knocked it down/Yeah, it got knocked down” Forward Motion Relient K akelavincent

D. ” When in the springtime of the year/When the trees are crowned with leaves/When the ash and oak, and the birch and yew/Are dressed in ribbons fair. “ Mummer’s Dance by Loreena McKennitt hearmemeep

E. “You with the sad eyes/Don’t be discouraged/Oh I realize/It’s hard to take courage/In a world full of people/You can lose sight of it all” True Colours Cyndi Lauper mistressofrohan

F. “Come out, Virginia, don’t let me wait/You Catholic girls start much too late/Ah but sooner or later it comes down to fate/I might as well be the one” Only the Good Die Young Billy Joel ken_redtail (via AIM)

G. “my wings don’t sail me to the sky/on my own these wings won’t fly/Jesus told me so/still, i’m not so sure that i know” Trouble Is Jars of Clay kengara

H. “Tommy used to work on the docks/Union’s been on strike/He’s down on his luck…it’s tough, so tough” Livin’ on a Prayer Bon Jovi ken_redtail (once again via AIM)

I. “Rich young man, you think you can/Make it through the world on the things you’ve got/I’ll tell you, I know it’s true/You can’t get to heaven on things you’ve bought” What Good Third Day akelavincent

J. “It seems like everything I touch just falls to pieces/It seems like everyone I help just falls/And how I need someone to make me feel assured/I don’t need anyone if you’re on my side, lord” Who Can Be Against Me The OC Supertones kengara

K. “A roll of the dice/A slip of the tongue/I was stirring up the hornets’ nest/and finally got me stung” Hello McFly Relient K Kegara

L. “I woke up in the morning,/and realized what a jerk I’ve been,/feel like I need to call up,/and say I’m sorry to all my friends” Attitude The OC Supertones kengara

M. “Right before my very eyes/I thought that you were only fakin’ it/And like before my heart was takin’ it…”

N. “You are my love in my life/And you are my inspiration” Just You ‘N’ Me Chicago duke_otterland

O. “You said all that follow You may find/Comfort and pain, blessings in hard times/Were I to leave, where else would I go?/The words of life and of truth you hold” Give Third Day akelavincent



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