In attempting to practice what I preach…

September 18, 2006 § 2 Comments

Reading pifactorial‘s latest drama has me reminding myself of my commitment to peace. I so dearly want to tell some people “You, sir, are a great big jerk and if you were here, I would smack you about the head soundly.”

But I know that this is the wrong attitude, especially against so much hate. But I want to rush to pi’s defense. I know that’s not my place. And i know I am not allowed to call anyone a big jerk, nor am I to smack anyone about the head– or anywhere else.

That some folks can accuse others of being hateful through a barrage of profanity and blasphemous cursings without batting an eye just slays me. Um, ironic much?

What we have here is a failure to communicate. See, Jesus came and preached Love. Love of God, love of neighbor. But this was a love that He made very clear was a Love that was sure to rip you to pieces, if you surrendered to it, and actually practiced it.

This Love was not merely doing nice things for folks and being your average philanthropist. This love actually required that you give till it really hurt. It meant that if your neighbor was naked, you went cold so that they were clothed, if your neighbor was hungry, you didn’t eat till they had been filled. It meant you trusted that your God was going to provide you with everything you needed, and that anything you had was a gift from Him to be given freely.

It meant that you Loved Jesus so much that you would be willing to turn your whole lifestyle over to His hands, and walk wherever He walked and speak whatever words He spoke. It meant hating sin, but loving the sinner. It meant letting the Great Surgeon dissect you and tear you down– shaping you into a new creation in His own image. It meant walking the path to perfection.

Jesus was hated and reviled for His sermons. He was tortured and killed for His Message. A Message of Love Incomprehensible. A demanding Love that was free for all, yet cost so much.

His first followers were called “Christians” by the unbelievers around them– it wasn’t a name they chose for themselves, but a name they were given– an honor– “little Christs.” Because they looked like Him, acted like Him, Loved like Him. They came out from their previous lifestyles and denied their flesh, and learned to see things from their Creator’s perspective. It didn’t matter what you had done before, if you loved God, you stopped, and turned away from former passions and cleaved to the Savior Who Loved.

Today, so many clamor to apply a title for themselves that once had been bestowed by others. I wonder why? Why does one want to be known by a name that they cannot even agree with; that they cannot follow without dying to all they hold most dear? It’s very odd to me.


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§ 2 Responses to In attempting to practice what I preach…

  • breckinwood says:

    Weeeelllll doggy! man oh man.
    I just read through the pifactorial stuff.
    The world just has no clue. It’s Not-thinking, because the spiritually dead can’t see or understand life in the spirit. What they see as hate, we see as love, and vice versa, because by standing up for God’s goodness and morality we are placing a stop sign at the edge of a chasm.
    People can choose to read it or not. If they want to plummet to their death, then they can. If they heed the stop sign and live, then Yay! What gets me is that many of those see the stop sign, yell and scream that we put it up there, say we are restricting their freedom and we are so mean for telling them what they are doing is wrong, drive over the precipice, die, and then will curse us in hell for not… ya know… warning them.
    *shrugs* what are we going to do?
    Just keep putting the stop sign up for those who want to read it and obey.

  • DT says:

    It really is topsy-turvy. But yes, do it we must!

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