Well, we’re back.

November 12, 2006 § 3 Comments

The Jars of Clay concert was pretty good. Matt Wertz opened for them, and he was very good. He confessed that one of the songs of that he sang tonight was his ringtone. He dug himself a hole explaining that one, agreeing that that was tantamount to wearing one’s own band t-shirt– which he also admitted to doing just yesterday, but he was quick to explain that he was “testing” it because he wanted to make sure it was a very soft t-shirt. These things are important. He was entertaining.

JoC basically opened with mostly songs from Good Monsters, and pretty much stuck with that vein. We learned that even though Leigh Nash was billed on the tour, she dropped out a while back, so they didn’t do Mirrors and Smoke. They also didn’t do anything from Much Afraid, If I Left the Zoo, or Who We Are Instead. In fact, relatively speaking, it was a very short concert… only around an hour, and they just barely fit in the big hits– Flood, The Eleventh Hour, Love Song, and Liquid.

Dan Haseltine is a jumper. He was rather bouncy.

I had one beef. Of course, reading this, perhaps it sounds like i have more than one… don’t get me wrong, it was an enjoyable show, I guess I just expected … more– especially from a group that has been around as long as they have, and with as extensive a catalog as they have. But one thing actually bothered me.

Perhaps I am waaay too spoiled by local bands and small music fests, but to me, an encore should be gift– it should be something an audience requests of a performer based on a great performance. Not something the performer assumes is a foregone conclusion that they will be giving. If you have gotten so big that you are planning your encore as part of the show, I think you’ve gotten too big. It’s one thing to have one or two spectacular numbers held back just for such an instance as a gift for the audience for being a good audience and asking you back on the stage; but to turn it into an additional tacked on ending after the bows… seems kinda tacky to me.

The thing that turned me was the fact that they turned their encore into an infomercial for their pet project, which I have no doubt is a very worthy cause and one I intend to investigate for myself. But really… Somehow I think it would have been better placed somewhere else. And I felt they could have taken a different tack in making their point given their audience and venue (we were in a church)– they made it political, when they could have very easily (and more appropriately IMO) made it an issue of religious conviction and responsibility.

They ended with a song from Good Monsters. Personally, I think they should have ended with Good Monsters, but obviously, I was not writing their set list or it would have been a vastly different show.

They did include Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street, which was the only cover they did, and it was very well done; I was still humming it when I got home.

I think I will have a very stiff neck tomorrow from the headbanging I did to Flood… I’m not 18 anymore.

All in all, I think I give tonight a 3 1/2 stars out of 5. It was a smaller venue, so they could have played to us a little more intimately. I wonder if JoC might be losing touch with where they came from.

BTW, thewhiteotter should have pics up soon.


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§ 3 Responses to Well, we’re back.

  • kengara says:

    I think I might avoid getting to know band members too closely, because if they aren’t like how they seem in their music, it’s sorta disappointing and makes the music less enjoyable :/
    Also, I think it’s awesome how you used “tack” in so many different ways during your rant :O

  • DT says:

    I think it’s awesome how you used “tack” in so many different ways during your rant

    Do you know, I noticed that after I posted it and re-read for typos (no matter how many times i proof-read a post, I never catch the typos till after I post.) I got a giggle out of that myself. I didn’t realize how versatile a word it truly is!
    As a long time music groupie (I married a drummer, for goodness sakes!) I have known many bands and seen some rise from obscurity to success and seen how that changes not only how they stage show changes, but also the albums, and the fan interaction. Heralded friend I was in the beginning, I was dropped by the wayside by the end. Well, the fact that I’m not big on being a sycophant doesn’t help…
    I’ve never known JoC. But if their reps as a Christian band and where they started as a college band are accurate, then I’m sure at one point they were… not big rock stars. Tonight I saw rock stars. Not a bunch of Christian guys up on stage for a night of music and entertainment. But I may be judging too harshly.

  • kengara says:

    It’s pretty sad 😦 I wonder if they all start out promising each other that they won’t end up that way…

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