Well, it took me three days…

January 4, 2007 § Leave a comment

but i finally finished it: I tagged all of my lj entries, going back to the start of this lj. It was rather interesting, watching my relationship with Matt blossom and develop– backwards! I also was able to reminisce over memories of Rit, koinegeek and found his last comment to my journal in the process. It was to some random meme. It made my heart stop when i realized that the last time he replied to my journal, i hadn’t replied back. I miss him, he was such a blessing and a good friend, even if we never met in person. What a man of God!

So, 2007 is off to a start, and i have much to update. Christmas was good, but i have come to the conclusion that i really dislike Christmas Day itself, much as I adore the season leading up to it. Matt and I exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve. I got lots of dragonfly stuff. Pretty! Christmas Day was an exercise in frustration however, with three family stops across two states, and irritations from both sets of parents. But what can you expect? lol, such is family.

I have been slowly re-organizing the house, and re-arranging. We went out and bought an upright freezer the other day, and had it delivered on Tuesday, so now we can actually keep a stock of food. I felt like such a grown-up with that purchase.

We also have a new addition to the family. The day after Christmas, we went to the shelter and adopted a beautiful little Bluetick Coonhound named Amy. She had been severely neglected, and weighed only 32 pounds (the breed standard for a small female is at least 45.) You can see every bone in her body, and she had a horrible case of mange– she has no hair on the back half of her body. The shelter didn’t tell us it was mange. They said she had a flea allergy, and that’s why she was bald.

It wasn’t till I took her to my own vet that she told me that it was mange. I had already taken the dog home and introduced her to Mocha!! I felt it was very irresponsible of the shelter, especially since they knew I had another animal at home, to not be up-front about what her skin condition was, considering how contagious it is. They should have never let her leave the shelter without treating it, or at least warning me, so that I didn’t let her have contact with my dog.

The vet gave her a medicated bath, and a shot for the mange, and she’s on puppy food. She also gave me some flea medicine for Mocha (poor Amy was *crawling* with fleas) and it would also help prevent the mange. Her skin looks so much better now, and we have been giving her benedryl everyday to help with the itching. That seems to be working well for her. We have to feed her about four times a day.

We just got back from an evening with friends and Amy let herself out of her room. We have one of those doors that has an independent top half, and apparently, she got it open and climbed over the door. She ate a whole plateful of left over Christmas cookies and a piece of chocolate cake, and then proceeded to go upstairs and poop all over our bedroom floor. We’re getting a bolt for the door.

She also is a barker. Well, a bay-er. She is a hound after all. So we had to get one of those bark deterrents for when we put the dogs to bed, or have to go out, since she will carry on the minute we leave her. But I think she’s gotten used to it, she doesn’t bark nearly so much anymore. And now that she’s getting used to us, she thinks she’s a lap-dog. But, skinny as she is, she is really much to big for that. She is in dire need of training. She has no house manners, and doesn’t follow many commands. She only sits if you actually have a treat in your hand. But apparently, coonhounds are a stubborn breed, known for their “selective hearing” so she may know more commands than she is letting on. But somehow, I doubt that the person who “didn’t have time to buy her food” really took too much time to train her (yes, he really did say that.) She’s house-broken, for the most part, but this is the third time she’s pooped in the house, so we’re really going to have to work on that.

Once she fills out and grows her hair back, she will be a gorgeous dog. Even so, she is still adorable, witha pretty little hound dog face, and floppy ears. I took a bunch of pics of her and Mocha playing the first day, and she makes Mocha look like the awkwardly huge child on the playground. We’ll have to download those for y’all soon.

Mocha loves her new “little sister” and always wants to play. Amy has finally started to become less intimidated by her, and will play back now. They are very cute together. Mocha is so tall, that Amy can literally walk right under her and when Mocha is in the way, she does just that!! Even though Mocha is so big and clumsy, I think she senses that Amy is in a fragile way, because she doesn’t play as rough as she does with other dogs. She’s a gentle giant. Like Hagrid. Um.. just like Hagrid. A tad slow, more than a bit dangerous, but as sweet as they come. We have a feeling that Amy will soon be leading Mocha into all kinds of trouble, because she is definitely the brains of the operation. Barriers mean nothing to her, while if you set a chair in front of the door for Mocha, she is flummoxed, and can’t figure out how to get out.

I love my hound dogs. They are so precious and sweet. *squee*

If only Amy wouldn’t poop on the floor.


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