July 9, 2007 § 3 Comments

Well… I’ve been nudged a couple of times, so I guess i ought to post something in this journal that’s sitting here paid for.

So, I’ve been working since January now, and that’s been interesting. Praise God! I kinda miss school– especially since I have barely touched a paintbrush or pencil since I left. I keep my sketchbook near, and basically decorate my cube with stuff I make to amuse myself. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The job really is going well though. I’ve had some frustrations, but haven’t given up.

Back in March, I went through a major illness that landed me in the hospital. They never figured out what was wrong– basically, I was in an incredible amount of pain, for no apparent reason. I’m doing much better now, though I still have occasional bouts of pain. Mentally, I’m doing fabulously. Even during the illness, I didn’t get depressed or anything. I’m really thankful for that. I have seemed to be on a very even keel for some time now. The down-side is that my meds have made me blow up like a balloon. This displeases me.

Financially, Matt and I are still… working on it. We are waiting to see if the company Matt has been working for since Feb will hire him on in a full time capacity. He’s inspecting fire extinguishers, which is a much more fulfilling job for him than the kitchen gig was, I think. At least, he seems to enjoy it more, and he gets to work side-by-side with one of our close friends. But so far, we are in limbo as to whether the boss-man will give him a proper wage.

For now, we are brown bagging it, and trying (trying) to stick to a budget. On paper, on purpose, right? *shudder*

I’m hungry.


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  • ashenfox says:

    Welcome back to the land of the living, as it were. Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

  • _bp_rose says:

    yay i’m glad your ok! i was concerned … i remmeber back in March that email for prayer. budgetting is hard, we still have problems with it but it’s helped to not keep the money in the bank as one lump but sectioned off almost like an account for each bill. Luke and I also took a Biblical financial class for a semester – that was VERY helpful. God bless

  • how scary! I’m so glad you’re okay. I’ve been thinking of you lately. And it seems that once I start thinking about someone, they come and post in their journal! 😀
    Budgeting is tough, but the other option is no good.

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