My dog is bugging me.

February 7, 2008 § 8 Comments

I’m home today because i am sick, not so I can play with Mocha. But Mocha does not understand this. The fact that I am home MUST mean that I should play with her because I am here right? And what use am I if not to give all my undivided attention to her. So she keeps doing things to annoy me and get my attention. Like sit on the laundry. Or mysteriously leave the room and get into mischief.

She’s not the type who is content to lay at her master’s feet or sit beside one and be petted. No, she must wriggle around and walk in circles and whine that I’m not exciting enough. If she weren’t the monstrously huge hound that she is, I would just have her sit up on the bed with me and snuggle– which is what she really wants. Heck, I would let her up here even now. But Matt would be most displeased. So on the floor she stays.

On a brighter note, I have taught her a new trick and we are both quite pleased with ourselves. I can get her to hold a cookie on her nose until I tell her it’s ok to eat it.

This is most impressive considering how food obsessed this dog is. She trembles as you fill her food dish, and just this morning I had to retrieve a used tissue she was munching on that she stole from the trash. I haven’t tried to have her hold the cookie on her nose for more than 20-30 seconds, I think she might spaz if I did that. Baby steps…


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