Goodbye Farewell, Larry Norman…

March 1, 2008 § 3 Comments

This morning, Matt told me about Larry Norman’s passing last week. For those of you who don’t know who this incredible man was, Larry Norman was a pioneer of Christian music in the 20th Century. He brought “religious music” out of the old-timey hymns and saccharine sweet New Christie era into an era of rock and roll and made faith accessible to a generation that couldn’t relate to, and rejected anything offered by, anyone over 30.

Called a rebel and scoffed at by the Establishment, he along with such groups and musicians as Keith Green, the Resurrection Band, Phil Keaggy, and many many more helped cement the Jesus Movement of the 70’s. Songs like “Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music” and “I Wish We’d All Been Ready” awakened and inspired a generation of young people hungry for righteousness and something good and new.

The Gen Xer’s out there, and the subsequent generations owe a debt of gratitude to Larry and his generation for bringing our music out if the dark ages, and into a form of art that is at once inspirational, informative, convicting, fun, worshipful and prophetic.

God bless you, Brother Larry, and we hope to see you soon along with Keith, and Rich and all our brothers and sisters on the other side. Welcome home.

FYI, not all of the artists featured in this video have passed on, just so you know. 😉


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§ 3 Responses to Goodbye Farewell, Larry Norman…

  • welshwolf says:

    He produced for the Rez Band? Wow! I didn’t know he had passed on. His skills will be sorely missed, but thankfully many have followed in his footsteps.

  • ladyxan says:

    Wonder why they put those who did not pass away in the video? Thanks for sharing though.
    It is sad… and I will be seriously sad when Phil Keaggy passes on. I was a young Christian when Rich Mullins died and was not as affected by his death as my husband and his family, but Phil Keaggy is one of my favorites!
    I know my husband will be saddened to hear of Larry’s death as well, but as the video said, he had the privilege of knowing God before his death.

  • DT says:

    I think the guy who made the video was just showing artists from that era. Kinda, the legacy thing.
    I will never forget my response when I heard that Rich Mullins died. It was… joy. I was told by one of the youth group leaders I worked with that he had just passed, and I was … excited. I remember saying, “That’s so awesome!” The look she gave me was incredulous. I just said, “He’s home! He’s with his Jesus!”
    I must say that is the only time I have EVER responded to the news of someone passing in that manner.

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