Eat Bertha’s Mussels

September 7, 2008 § 14 Comments

No matter what your religion, political views or socio-economic status, I believe people can be divided into two groups: those who put bumper stickers on their cars, and those who do not.

So without further ado, my poll.


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  • ruthette says:

    I had a little round “Life is Good” magnet on the back of my car for about a year, but then somebody stole it.
    Who steals “Life is Good” stuff?! Honestly?!

  • DT says:

    Guess they wanted to teach you a lesson in Irony. They were a very philosophical thief!

  • I just got a new car and haven’t been able to add the bumper sticker that I wanted to. First, I do think that they can be a distraction and am generally put-off by them. However, I think there can be tasteful bumper stickers if they’re subtle.
    My car is a silver PT Cruiser and I have a few silver Apple logo stickers (intended to be bumper stickers) that came with my mac mini. I can’t locate them at the time, but if I do find them, I’ll put one on my car. It’s pretty small, non-intrusive, and shouldn’t stand out much.
    I do see bumper stickers being an expression of self, though. However, I think most people aren’t all angsty teenagers who want to profess some sort of cliche statement about how pseudo-intellectual they are. Therefore, most bumper stickers are just manufactured for these people so none of the more tasteful ones come out.
    If I believed strongly enough about politics and could simultaneously also find a discrete bumper sticker, I’d probably put one of those on my car.
    Also, if I came across a tasteful motivational quote that was a bumper sticker, I’d put one of those on there.
    I don’t think I’d ever put stickers on my car having to do with Anya, though Greg has already said that he would. ::shrugs::

  • ken_redtail says:

    My “stickers” are window stickers on the back of my truck of the American flag, plus some Navy paraphernalia displaying my last rank and my command. Wasn’t sure where that fit in. I also have a huge Cubs sticker because I love me dem Cubs.
    I also have two magnetic ribbons on my tailgate, one supporting veterans, the other a red white and blue one around the 10 Commandments and expressing pride to be a religious American.
    I don’t believe in actual bumper stickers as they tend to be permanent and well, it’s still silly to see Gore 2000 stickers and the like out there! Plus if you have an exceptionally charming one, you can’t transfer it when you transfer vehicles. Or change your bumpers!
    I like to magnetize them. then you can swap them around. The only permanent thing I would spring for is the little fishies.

  • ken_redtail says:

    I lurves your icon, you know that?

  • DT says:

    Thanks for weighing in, Ken! You bring up an excellent point that I thought of when I conceptualized the poll, but forgot when I was creating it– the permanence of bumper stickers. All that glue is a mess when you sell the car, and yeah, old campaign pairings can be embarrassing. I saw a Kerry/Edwards one just the other day. And lol’d.
    Of course, magnets have their own draw backs as well– scratching the paint, and leaving marks of their own. I would love to see someone use those word magnets from the poetry sets you get at Barnes & Noble and do a “Compose Your Own Bumper Sticker.” Dude. wait. That’s an awesome Idea. I call it! COPYWRITE!!!

  • celandineb says:

    Right now I have one about civil liberties, and one for organic farming. I use rather nifty holders for my bumperstickers, which hang in the back window from little suction cups, so the stickers aren’t permanently applied and I can change them at will. (Haven’t changed them in a while though… am getting a new car shortly and will “redecorate” at that time!)
    Had an alma mater window cling on the previous car, but they haven’t sent me one in many years so this car doesn’t have it. I do have a parking cling for work in the front window, too, but that’s not exactly an optional thing.
    Oh – here is the plastic holder that I use. They sell a magnet one also. (The site overall is progressive/liberal, just fyi.)

  • DT says:

    I have those Apple clings– I got some little ones with my Nano, and bigger ones with my MacBook, and I’m sure Matt got some with his iPod (we are an Apple lovin’ family.) I must admit, I have toyed with putting up my clings. But my school cling is the closest I have to a bumper sticker.

  • DT says:

    I use rather nifty holders for my bumperstickers, which hang in the back window from little suction cups, so the stickers aren’t permanently applied and I can change them at will.
    Ahhh… very clever! I actually have a couple of organic farming ones that I have toyed with putting up, but one of my objections to bumper stickers is the level of mess and permanence.

  • DT says:

    Ah, I lurves my Fourth Doctor!! But, um… don’t tell Ten. 😉

  • celandineb says:

    Oh yes. If they were permanent, I probably would have none at all! I’ve had up to four (one in each back passenger window) but right now just two in the rear window.

  • kengara says:

    I’m considering putting up an Alma Mater window thing though, since I have one with nothing better to do with it :p

  • ladyxan says:

    I forgot, I do have two window clings… teehee They are difficult to see from the outside though. One is my radio station “LIFE 107.1” and the other is “Presidential Prayer Team” and then I have a silver, plastic, Christian fish on the back gate/hatch. I also have a license plate frame that reads, “On the eighth day he created redheads” =D
    I also somehow missed the first question.. I guess I thought it was all one question. Hehe
    No, I do not have bumper stickers. They get faded and peel off and the political ones get old when that candidate did not get elected or is not even running for that office. (ie: Edwards stickers) The bumper stickers that peel off are a great idea… too bad they are so expensive. =\

  • I just applied these yesterday: one that says “MEOW” and another that has a pawprint, both from
    Well, OK, the pawprint is from, but who’s counting?

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