September 11, 2008 § 12 Comments

TCM is having a contest right now.

Basically, pick a classic movie and plan a themed viewing party around it. I can think of so many movies that would be fun for– like Arsenic and Old Lace, or Philadelphia Story. Or Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House! (For some reason, I can only think of Cary Grant movies…)

Audience Participation: What movie would you like to do, and how would you plan the party? (They don’t have to be classics for our purposes here!)


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  • “Clue” strikes me as an obvious choice. Have everyone dress up as one of the players (Prof. Plum, Miss Scarlet, etc.) and try to stay in character.

  • deej_1 says:

    I would love to have a “Sunset Boulevard” party, and have everyone get really glammed up. There could be a contest to see who can best over-act!

  • DT says:

    Ooh, that would be fun.. maybe even incorporate a mystery in it as well, or have a vote on the alternate endings!
    BTW, long time no.. erm… read! How have you been??

  • DT says:

    That would be great!! Everyone has to walk around with a crazed expressing saying they are ready for their close up. lol At least one person needs to be sopping wet the whole time!

  • I’ve been swamped under at work, but otherwise good. I told my aunt a few weeks ago when she was up for my dad’s wedding, that if the worst thing going on in my life is that I’m drowning at work, then I don’t have much to complain about.
    Have you ever done one of the “How to Host a Murder” games? They’re a blast for stuff like that. We always dress up for them. I want to do the 1930s Chicago gangster one this year and order in pizza from Chicago to go with it. You could work up a similar mystery with a “Clue” party.

  • DT says:

    Your dad’s wedding? Wow… it has been a while!
    I haven’t Hosted a Murder party, but have always thought it would be fun. They have a Murder Mystery on a Train near here which includes dinner, and sometime I’d like to do that.

  • singersdd says:

    Oh, how fun!!! The Thin Man would be a hoot! We could all drink martinis and snark at each other and let the dogs run wild, just like Nick and Nora. 😀
    And then there’s the 1930s and 40s clothes we’d have to wear. . .

  • eric_hinkle says:

    I wonder what a party themed around Caligula would be like?

  • DT says:

    “Fetch the pail of soapy frogs.” –Caligula, Red Dwarf

  • u_t_tiger says:

    If we could come up with a leopard we could do Bringing Up Baby.

  • eric_hinkle says:

    Umm, no, I was talking about the Italian Caligula. The one that had Gielgud in it (“and he slits his wrists fifteen minutes in to escape.”)

  • DT says:

    Any mention of Caligula (cinematic or historical) always reminds me of the episode of Red Dwarf in which the emperor makes a cameo. It’s involuntary, I cannot help it.

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