I Did Gardening!

September 25, 2008 § 9 Comments

Well, for a little while. Until the wind picked up and it started to thunder. Then I went inside.

Wimp. I know. It actually still looks pretty sunny out, but in that not-quite-natural-and-somewhat-ominous kind of way. Like the air looks greenish. I hope we get a good soaker, it will make it easier to finish pulling up all the weeds and clumps of grass (we do not have a nice rolling lawn– we have dirt and clumps of grass. yrch.) Then I will put in the lovely azalea that is currently sitting in its pot out there, and also gather the hydrangeas my mother has for me.

I have A Plan.

Also, we intend to get rabbits, so I need to set up the hutch area. Lovely American Blues that we plan to go down to Virginia to pick up this weekend. It’s my birthday present!! Squee! Cute fluffy goodness, and when they have babies, we’re gonna eat ’em!

Horrified yet? OK, so the intention is to gradually ease our way into homesteading. Since we live in town, going out and buying that cow just isn’t feasible. And chickens are noisy to the neighbors. So rabbits seem to be a good place to start. One day, when we have our farm, we want to preserve heritage breeds and get tiny little Dexter cows (hardly bigger than my dog), some heritage turkeys and maybe a sheep or two.

It’s gonna be a while before we get there though. So we are starting small with a couple of rabbits and learning how to raise and care for them, while promoting rare breeds. The American Blues are meat and fur rabbits, which means they are good for eatin’ and making hats. While it may be a while before I start processing my own bunnies, for now, I want to focus on just learning how to breed them effectively and sell the bunnies for pets and shows. Too bad I’m too old for 4H.

Pioneering in Pottstown!


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§ 9 Responses to I Did Gardening!

  • OMG I am in love. Will you marry me? LOL 😉 My biggest dream ever is to ge back into rabbitery and raise rex rabbits for fun, show, meat, fur, and to promote them as the ideal meat source for our hurting planet. I’d love some mini-cows, too. Some sheep, goats, llamas. Donkeys. Chickens, which are pretty close to being perfect since you get eggs and meat and feathers (for those not allergic to feather pillows). The list goes on! 😀

  • DT says:

    LOL! Well, Matt might object… hehehe But you can come live on our farm! How’s that sound? We’ll take care of you!
    When I first read through your reply, though, instead of “rex rabbits” I read “sex rabbits” and was confused… Um, like… Playboy Bunnies? lol
    Rabbits are a good meat source, but not the best since they are so lean. The Native Americans had a word for rabbit starvation– when the winters were so hard that all they had to eat was rabbit, people would actually die.
    So I want a good sampling of many meats and fats and veggies and yummy goodness– promoting a healthful, sustainable, and self-sufficient lifestyle that give back to the land and the community more than it takes out.

  • Yes, but you have to remember they were WILD rabbits! Most domestic breeds have more than enough fat on them.
    I wanna come live wiff you!!! I think Warren might object though. Darn. 😦

  • silver_nyssa says:

    Squee! Cute fluffy goodness, and when they have babies, we’re gonna eat ’em!

  • welshwolf says:

    Greetings from 434.
    I don’t know where you are headed in VA to pick up your rabbits, but you and Matt know how to reach us.

  • DT says:

    Y’know, I kept thinking, “We know folks in VA” but couldn’t for the life of me remember who!
    The rabbits are in Stafford, how far from you is that?

  • boxsofrain says:

    You need to post lots of pictures of them when you get them!

  • bojojoti says:

    You could add some fainting goats, too. A cousin used to have a herd of fainting goats. They are entertaining.

  • welshwolf says:

    Stafford is in Prince William County, three counties north of us on Highway 29 North. Probably a little out of the way. I’m working the whole weekend, though.

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