I don’t get it.

October 5, 2008 § 7 Comments

This week is only the second week of therealljidol competition, and I am third from the bottom. I mean, really. While my entry may not have been the Great American Novel or anything, I think it’s at least sufficient to stay on the competition. I had heard before hand that this was in a lot of ways a popularity contest, and after reading some of the entries that have a lot of votes, I’m starting to wonder.

Oh well, I will have to cease to worry about it. The sun does not rise or set on whether people like me, or my writing.

But on the off chance that you do like me or my writing, you can always vote here.


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§ 7 Responses to I don’t get it.

  • sonneta says:

    I just friended you, and wanted to comment to say hi. I found your journal through , and I like your strong Christian faith– I am also a Christian. So, hello. 🙂

  • DT says:

    Hello, and thank you! I appreciate your comment!
    ETA: Ok, I just checked out your lj– and you are now my new super BFF. I love you.
    / P&P squee-fest

  • sonneta says:

    Yay, a fellow P&P fan, as well! /joins in squee-fest

  • DT says:

    For my b-day last week, my hubby got me the A&E DVDs– FINALLY. We immediately at down and watched the whole thing. Of course, I have a ritual. I have to have tea, brie and crackers to snack on through the full six hours.
    I may have to put it in again tonight… My girlfriends and I can quote the whole thing, and hardly a day goes by when we don’t make some reference from it.
    Best. Movie. EVAR.

  • ewok_626 says:

    Psst. What you see now isn’t what you will see tomorrow at the end of voting. A lot of people wait until the last minute to post their votes (drama aspect, forgetfulness, etc), so things go haywire that last hour.
    Don’t fret. I’m towards the bottom of my tribe too. I made it to the top 35 last season… May not get that if this keeps up! *worries*
    *checks polls and places another “tic”*

  • stegzy says:

    after reading some of the entries that have a lot of votes, I’m starting to wonder
    You too huh?

  • DT says:

    Re: after reading some of the entries that have a lot of votes, I’m starting to wonder
    Some of them, I just plain don’t get– I can get creativity, I can get a different perspective. Heck, I’m an artist and a free form poet– I get avant garde (most of the time). But some of them just don’t make sense.
    I noticed last week that some of the ones I didn’t feel warranted a vote, after I clicked had the most votes on there. They must have HUGE friends lists is all I can say.
    I’ve been friending the folks whose writing impresses me (nods) and I am shocked at how few votes some of those folks have gotten. But then, I suppose we have to weed through this sort of thing in the early stages. I would just hate to see folks with true talent get eliminated early just because enough people haven’t read them.

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