And just to shock and confuse the folks on my flist…

October 17, 2008 § 10 Comments

I haven’t ever expressed an opinion on this topic, except a brief allusion in my “Apathy” submission for LJ Idol, but felt compelled to throw in my two cents when someone asked for opinions on another board lately about gay marriage.

This is what I had to say:

My POV is this: It doesn’t matter what the world does or says about anything– they will do as they please and define terms as they please. Whether those definitions or actions fall in line with Scripture is irrelevant; they are still the world. So I am not offended or affronted or threatened when gay couples want to create a covenant relationship that is a civil equivalent of marriage. It doesn’t matter to me in the long run, and it helps them in the short term (insurance-wise and legal-wise.)

But again, that is still within the terms of the world. I believe that Christians have been called out of this world, and it is not our responsibility to legislate morality, or to make “righteous pagans” around us. To be truly effective in our call, we should be allowing God to make us into an alternative Kingdom. Ours should be the ultimate alternative life-style.

It is not our place to judge or condemn those of the world who will do as the world does. It is our place to provide a community of faith and hope for those who would reject the world and “come out from among them.” No one is going to be convinced by our disapproval. But they may be impressed by our love.

Basically, I am not shocked or offended when folks who do not believe in the Bible do not follow the Bible. I don’t expect them to, and it irritates me when some folks try to force them to. That’s a waste of time and energy, and is not what Christians are called to do.


§ 10 Responses to And just to shock and confuse the folks on my flist…

  • celandineb says:

    I am not shocked or offended when folks who do not believe in the Bible do not follow the Bible. I don’t expect them to, and it irritates me when some folks try to force them to.

  • sonneta says:

    Well, if church vs. non-churched was the only issue, I wouldn’t have a problem with gay marriage either. But the thing is that the government gives benefits to people who are married (in a civil union sense), and really, those benefits are given to promote families– to ensure (from a practical standpoint) that the country will continue to be populated, and that hopefully every child gets the benefit of two parents. (Obviously this has been degraded already with the advent of no-fault divorces). While it is true that not every marriage produces children, you can’t have a child without both a mom and a dad (even if mom is a surrogate/ dad is a sperm donor), and the benefits of marriage are supposed to encourage mom and dad to, well, get married. What I am saying is that there are legitimate reasons outside of anything God/ the Bible might say to oppose gay marriage.
    edited to finish my thought

  • krikketgirl says:

    I think that there is a lot of truth to what you say here. We really can’t expect people to follow the code by which we wish to live when they don’t believe in our beliefs.
    Ours should be the ultimate alternative life-style.

    I really like this.

  • you have a lot of sense me dear 🙂 This also goes along with the separation of church of state which I hold dear!
    I graciously thank you for not wasting energy trying to legal force religion doctrine on my life style!

  • DT says:

    I appreciate that thought, and see where you are coming from. But I see that as a civil issue for the community to decide, for instance, on the state level, but without making it a moral issue. If at the local level, the community feels that their tax payer dollars are being … misdirected somehow in such a case, that is for them to vote on.
    But to make it a moral issue I think misses the point and makes enemies wrongfully. I think we become stumbling blocks when Christians become involved in the governmental process. If I am to be hated for being a Christian, let it be because they hate Christ first, not because I have bound up burdens that they will not carry.
    As far as preserving the family, I think that is also part of our role within God’s Kingdom. I don’t think worldly governments are capable of deciding what is right for “the family” or how to promote such. 😉

  • DT says:

    I feel like if we are really doing what Jesus calls us to do– like living by the Sermon on the Mount, not just making pretty plaques for our walls from it– then we will look so different from the world, people will not be able to help but notice.

  • DT says:

    I’m all about separation of church and state. 🙂

  • DT says:

    Thanks! I feel like all I can do is be an example. Folks will either be drawn to it or repulsed by it, but I cannot change one person one iota– that’s not my job, and it is a blooming waste of time and energy.

  • kengara says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’ve been thinking. It shouldn’t matter to us how the government defines “marriage,” as it doesn’t change how God defines it.

  • I just wanted you to know, even if I don’t comment often, I read all your posts (even if sometimes I get around to reading them a little late. :X) and I always really like what you have to say. ❤

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