So exciting!

November 20, 2008 § 5 Comments

Today, I picked Matt up from work, and as we were driving down Egypt Road in Audubon, a large bird flew across the road in front of me. I thought to myself, “Hey, that bird has a white head.” And then did a double take; it was a real live bald eagle! In the “wild!” Well, roaming free anyway.

This is the second ever wild bald eagle I have ever seen in my life (not counting zoos.) The first one was a few years ago in Phoenixville when I had a flower tent. All day, I watched this big beautiful bird that was perched across the street. The one we saw today was about half the size of the one I saw before, so I figure it was young, but it was still totally awesome! It’s a thrill to see endangered/threatened animals making a come back in one’s community. I’ve had my eye out for more ever since seeing the first one, but was still completely shocked and taken aback with today’s sighting.

Now, if I can see some frolicking river otters which are also coming back to local streams and waterways, I will be over the moon!


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§ 5 Responses to So exciting!

  • welshwolf says:

    I tell you what. If you and Matt ever get down here, I’ll take you on a river cruise down the Rappahanock River to Ingleside Plantation Winery. Eagles regularly nest along the riverside. I couldn’t believe how many pairs I saw. It was God’s paintbrush at its best.

  • vixent_fox says:

    You should come to Washington! There’s plenty of Bald Eagles and Red-Tailed Hawks and all sorts of other creatures here to look at!
    (Apologies for not keeping up with you guys.. I still owe Matt like $115 now. I will pay him soon… I just need your guys’ address)

  • eric_hinkle says:

    There are bald eagles in PA??
    Y’know, if you were up around Pennsylvania’s Black Forest (along the central northern/northwestern border of the state) people would probably say that you’d seen a thunderbird. 😉

  • bojojoti says:

    I love to watch large birds of prey circling about on thermals.

  • akktri says:

    Fowl play
    Eagles are such dirty birds. Did you know they’re related to vultures? Eagles are carrion birds. They’ll eat garbage and rotting carcasses. Yes, they’re pretty, but what they do isn’t.

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