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January 14, 2009 § 22 Comments

We have picked out a name for a girl (I feel like it’s a girl this time– the other two times, I thought they were boys.) I’ll be happy either way, obviously, but I am becoming more and more psyched for a little girl. Which is weird, since I always wanted boys. Having worked in daycare for years, I always liked boys better, and felt they were much… simpler to care for. lol Boys are rough and tumble and fun, but girls tend to be more emotional and high maintenance. πŸ˜›

Anyway, IF we have a little girl (and I really kinda hope we do) we want to name her Elanor Miriam. Elanor, because we are both ardent Tolkien geeks (“No honey, we didn’t name you after the First Lady, you were named after a Hobbit”) and Miriam, after my great aunt who was killed in a car accident this past Christmas Eve.

I think it sounds very refined and elegant. I want to call her Ella though.

For a boy, we have a lot of ideas, but no solid decisions. We have plenty of time, I know, but still… We like the names Cedric and Duncan. Matt likes Nigel, but unfortunately, I see wedgies in that child’s future. We’ve also tossed around the possibility of naming a boy after both our fathers– John Charles.

Audience Participation: What names do you guys like?



§ 22 Responses to What do you think?

  • I’ve always thought Elanor would be a great name to give a daughter of a Tolkien fan – it’s sufficiently normal and pretty not to cause teasing at school, but the spelling would alert fellow fans to the reason. πŸ™‚ Good choice!

  • DT says:

    Yeah, I don’t think I could convince even my husband that Galadriel is a good name for a little girl. πŸ˜‰ But I do so love Elanor. Thanks!

  • DT says:

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • demotu says:

    My current favourite boys names are Cameron, Ellis, and James. Since you asked! You seem to like anglo-saxon with a celtic twist, based only on Cedric and Duncan. Other thoughts on that line: Malcolm, Lewis, Callum, Ross, Kieran, Rhys, Owen, Ewan, Stuart…
    Uh, I like names? πŸ˜€ What are your current (boys?) names?

  • demotu says:

    Oh, and Elanor Miriam is lovely!

  • bojojoti says:

    Elanor Miriam is a lovely name.
    John Charles would be a very nice tribute to both your fathers. I never tire of the name “John.” It’s strong, simple, old but modern sounding. The good guys in film and book are always named John, or so I seem to notice!

  • kingodin says:

    A lot of mythological names come to mind (like Odysseus, Athena, etc.), but I would probably name my children, if I had any, after favorite relatives, like uncles, aunts, granduncles, grandaunts, and so on.

  • DT says:

    The good guys in film and book are always named John, or so I seem to notice!
    Yeah, except for Prince John in Robin Hood, and John the Bastard in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. πŸ˜›

  • DT says:

    Those are good suggestions! We both love Celtic names, since we both have Irish roots. The two children we lost, we gave Irish names, Caedmon, and Niamh.
    I like Cedric from Harry Potter (yeah, we’re SUCH geeks!) and Duncan is just… cool! There are a lot of names to choose from. I think that is part of the problem.

  • demotu says:

    I’m sorry for your losses – you chose beautiful names for them. I know how to pronounce Niamh (oh, Welsh consonants, how I love thee!) but I’m not sure how to first set of vowels sounds in Caedmon – Caid-mon?
    Duncan makes me think of Macbeth, and not in a bad way.

  • DT says:

    Yes, we pronounce it with the long “A” sound. And yes to the Dunca/Macbeth connection!

  • welshwolf says:

    I’m the wrong one to ask, since I’m miserably biased towards Irish names.
    Boys- Ciaran, Sean, Patrick (didn’t see that coming?), Rian. Another name I really like is my youngest nephew’s name, Jacob (break with my tradition).
    Girls- Keelin, Maire, Eileen, Brianna, Bridgett, Colleen. I have a friend in Georgia, who has a really cool name, Yael. It’s Hebrew for lamb.

  • captainq says:

    In my opinion, children are genius at finding ways to ridicule another person’s name. Certainly names like “Gertrude” and “Wilburforce” are best left in the past, but something like “Nigel” is hardly any worse than anything else.
    All that being said: Bless you for thinking about the child’s playground experience. I don’t know what some parents think when they name their children, but it isn’t that.

  • singersdd says:

    I love the sound of Elanor Miriam!
    For girls, I love old simple names like Anne and Faith (Anne Elizabeth and Faith Ellen being my two leading contenders). For boys, I like old simple names like Caleb Scott and James Gordon (Guy’s middle name is Scott and his dad’s name is Gordon). Ian Scott or Sean Robert would be good, too.

  • stegzy says:

    If ever I had a daughter I would have wanted to call her Serendipity.
    A son would have a boring name like Gordon. lol

  • ____hejira says:

    I’ve always been a fan of unique names, or Biblical ones.
    Some favs:
    Caleb Michael
    Nehemiah Lee
    Gabriel Luke
    Jeremiah Quin
    Avery Jordan
    Yes, odd, but I like them.

  • lijuun says:

    Ooooo, I like it.

  • Let your fingers do the walking
    My name, from what I’ve been told, was selected from the Bell Telephone white pages in La Habra, California, when my dad, who couldn’t pick a name, did something that some crank callers used to do: close eyes, open book, drop finger, and see what it hit. The first male name was Dennis, apparently.
    What else happened is not revealed to me.
    In any event, if you just can’t pick a name, try that. What comes out could be a perfect fit for your child.

  • ladyxan says:

    Re: Let your fingers do the walking
    My BiL’s name was straight from the Bible… Mom opened the Bible to Matthew… flipped it again for James. Hehe
    Otherwise, my high school girl friend’s name is Eleanor. Eleanor Kate and she goes by Kate. I like the Elanor Miriam.
    I also like the naming after grandfathers, but maybe if you want John Charles to be a CJ to reverse their order? But I do like the flow of John Charles. =)
    I also agree w/ Q, children will make fun of other children, with or without the unique names!! They will find something else to tease them about. =\

  • I read somewhere that boys like more common names and girls prefer names that stand out. Perhaps we become more attached to our first names where boys identify with the last name?
    anywho, love Elanor or Ella
    Here is another Irish name of a past student I thought was lovely Teague (it means poet I believe) for a boy, but I suppose it could be for either really.

  • bojojoti says:

    Ah, but they’re still strong men who could have been sterling examples of manhood with the right choices! πŸ˜€

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