Bonding with Baby

June 5, 2009 § 6 Comments

My dog is Teh Awesome. Tonight, she kept coming over and holding her head up against my stomach; I thought so that I would rub her ears. This usually only lasts a couple of minutes, and then she wanders off to see other people, or eat phantom food off the carpet. But tonight, she just stood there for the longest time. Even when she walked away for a bit, she still came back.

Later, she came over and laid her head across my lap/belly (based on the way I was lounging/reclining on the couch) I was rubbing her head and wondering at how cuddly she was being tonight (she’s usually far too wigggly and spastic to pet for very long.) I noticed that the baby was moving, and in fact kicking her in the head as she was laying there. But she didn’t move. In fact, she was leaning into it. And that’s when it dawned on me– she was feeling the baby move.

We were at my parents’ house at the time, and I commented on it, so we started watching her, and sure enough, even though she would walk up to other folks in the room, she kept gravitating back to laying her head across my belly. In fact, when we were ready to leave, Matt had to pull her away from me to head out– usually she’s ready to go! It was too precious.

I love my dog.


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