Goodbye, King of Pop

June 25, 2009 § 1 Comment

Love him or hate him, he was the Entertainer of our age. A brilliant child star, an innovator in his field, a dancer, a singer, a performer extraordinaire.

Though in the last couple decades of his life his odd behavior, questionable practices, and shady liaisons with children may have vilified him in most Americans eyes, it cannot be denied that his youth and adolescence were to say the least troubled. But in spite of that, his talent was without a doubt, formidable.

He was one of my childhood heroes; in fact, I owned Thriller twice. His show stopping numbers, the night he introduced the world to the Moonwalk, his career ups and downs, his on-again off-again professional relationships with his mega-talent family; his star certainly burned brightly, if tarnished towards the end.

But I will choose to remember what made him great, not what made him infamous. That sparkling little boy who charmed the world, and that brilliant superstar who held sway as a King.

Goodbye, Michael Jackson. I am so sorry life was not gentler to you, but thank you so much for the talent you shared with the world.


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