June 28, 2009 § 2 Comments

My mother and some ladies at church have agreed to donate some sheets to my babysling cause! YAYZ!! I also talked to a friend of mine who makes dresses for little girls, and she is thinking about partnering with me at the Farmer’s Market so that my inventory is not so very specific. Someone also offered up their 10×10 canopy and a 6 foot table, so I am good to go!!


I think I might be getting a cold. I had a lot of trouble breathing last night, and today I’m pretty stopped up. And my throat is all itchy. And my sinuses are kinda… sore. Uck. All I can take is Tylenol and Benadryl. Which will completely knock me out. Especially since napping is my favorite right now anyway. yawn


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  • bojojoti says:

    That all sounds so promising (except for the cold).

  • quilterbear says:

    I hopw you can do well at the Farmer’s Market! We sold my book covers and checkbook covers, and quilts, at ours one summer. It was so hard on us that we decided not to do it again. We also didn’t sell much AT ALL. But baby slings and baby dresses? Sounds good to me!

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