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My youngest sister has decided to help raise seeing eye puppies for a 4H project, and this week they are puppy-sitting an adorable six-month old black lab/retriever mix named Kipper. He’s really cute and funny, but ALL PUPPY. He ate Mom’s doormat at the front door. He also ate a softball, and a soccer ball… And is pestering Mocha to no end.

He’s a puppy. Of course, he wants to play all the freakin’ time without stopping. Poor Mocha, who is old, and not in good health, can only take so much. So right now, we are recouping in the basement.

Yesterday, he also pooped on her bed, which she found to be completely offensive. I think he did it on purpose as a show of “dominance.” Mocha’s like WHATEVER. She’s too old for this stuff. Doggy politics is not her bag. I think if she were stronger and more at her proper weight, she would have trounced him by now, and totally put him in his place. As it is, I have to keep chasing him off her tail before he drives her to distraction.

I’m totally hungry. My mom’s house never has any food. Well, food that I will eat anyway. It’s all crap all the time here. I try to remember to pack my own food when I come over here, but I’ve eaten the fruit I brought and am now in desperate need of some protein. There was cheese that had been unopened, but when I opened the package it had mold on it. Probably because it has been sitting in the back of the cheese drawer for several months. sigh

This week, I have to make mayonnaise. I wasn’t impressed with my last batch; I don’t think the food processor was working optimally, I couldn’t get the consistency right. But this time, instead of the Cuisinart, which is really too small for the batch size the recipe calls for, I’ll be using my Vitamix!! That thing is so awesome and one of the coffeehouse items with which I refuse to depart. Matt and I have been through at east 3 blenders since we married, and they burn out within a week. This baby is built for speed and can do anything. I LURVES it!

I also need to make a chicken stock this week. I have a rooster in the freezer which must be dealt with. So I’ll make a huge pot of stock and freeze it for later. I’ve been feeling the call and allure of my crockpots and think they miss me. I just need to find my Nourishing Traditions cookbook, since that has all my good recipes in it. Now is the time to start stockpiling food/prepared meals in the freezer for when the baby comes. This may be how my nesting manifests itself. I feel like a squirrel, storing up for the winter. Must have food!

I’ve already decided that once the baby comes, and is old enough to go visiting Ma’am’s house (my mother is “Ma’am” to the grandkids. Weird, I know.) I will be packing food and snacks for her. I cannot trust my mom to not give the child a bag of marshmallows and say “Have fun!” I’ve seen her do it with my 3 year old nephew. *shudder* No Cokes, no M&M’s, no spoonsful of sugar.

She never fed me like that. I don’t know what happened to the woman.

The chair in my dad’s office is really uncomfortable. I have two pillows on it, and my butt is still really hurting me.


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  • foxonian says:

    I have a 6 month old black lab/newfoundland pup and trust me! I know what it’s like.When I fisrt got Bailey,I had Mags who was dying on lymphoma.I found that I had to get a younger dog for him to play with(I had him alone for a month after I lost Mags and I almost went out of my mind!)If he went in the house,it sounds like he hasn’t been raised too well.All Ii can say is,get plenty of chew toys and get him out every 20 min. or so.

  • bojojoti says:

    I lost the battle with my MIL feeding our children crap. She unilaterally ignored our requests, even when we pointed out that our son was overweight and didn’t need the calories, and our daughter was underweight and needed to ingest quality foods instead of tanking up on empty calories.
    For Easter, she would give them baskets filled with obscene amounts of sweets. We begged her to fill the baskets with coloring books, socks, or things besides candy to no avail. One year, we brought the baskets home and weighed the contents on our scale. Fifteen pounds of candy between two little kids! (We doled out candy for a few days and tossed the majority.)
    Good luck with your mother, but realize that even if you send healthy snacks, the likelihood that your daughter will be given a bag of marshmallows remains.
    In the end, the occasional treats can’t undo the teaching at home. Both our children eat very well now.

  • DT says:

    He has chew toys, he just likes to eat everything.
    The “accident” he had yesterday was, I think, because when Erin took him out that morning, she didn’t let him complete his business. It’s a learning curve for her too– especially since she was supposed to be watching him when he pooped on Mocha’s bed anyway!

  • DT says:

    Yeah, I have a feeling I will be intercepting a lot of “goodies” (she’s a “wagon full of candy for Easter” type.)
    The problem is when she tanks the little ones up with marshmallows and Coke at 8:30 PM and then sends them home. ugh. It seems almost deliberate!

  • As for what happened to your mom… she became a grandmother. That’s there job, spoil the kids, give them whatever they want and then send them home to Mom and Dad and let them deal with the consequences.

  • It is deliberate. You remember the whole “you’ll understand when you have kids of your own” thing. This is part of it. My mom does it to my 3 year old cause my grandmother did it to her.

  • kf4vkp says:

    I generally don’t send the nieces and nephew’s home full of sugar, but I do allow them a little more sweets/snacks than they are allowed at home as that is what grandmother’s and Aunts are supposed to do.
    Sweets are generally given before an activity like swimming so all the energy is burnt off too…
    I also tend to not send candy home with them, so that my SIL/Sister doesn’t have to take them away or have to ‘be the meanie’ by doling it out or whatever.
    I’d say request a no sugar/coke past a certain time if they are coming home that day….

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