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July 1, 2009 § 11 Comments

I have created a WebLog! Or at least, put the website we made for Huperoon to good use, since it has just been sitting fallow or a few months now, and is utterly ridiculously out of date and paid for. So there ya go. I have a place to make “real posts” not like the shameless drivel I toss around here. 😛

I love LJ, and will continue to post here, don’t get me wrong. This is just more.. casual and informal, and I can be more random. But I wanted to create a more professional presence to log my thoughts/philosophies and promote my various business ventures. It’s also an experiment in being intentional and directed in my blogging.

I still need to completely re-vamp the rest of the Huperoon site, but I’ll get around to it. My bum is numb.

But visit my blog!! yay!

Oh, BTW, I made the mistake of posting a link to what I thought was a neat site on modest_style and got deluged with replies about how horrible that site is and all this feminist craziness erupted. Who knew? I’ve learned my lesson. DO NOT POST LINKS IN THAT FORUM. No matter how innocuous it may seem at the time, those ladies have hair triggers.


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§ 11 Responses to Go Me!

  • quilterbear says:

    I’ll go visit your blog right now, but PLEASE don’t leave here! It is so convenient having a Flist and I’d miss you!

  • I read your thread on modest_style
    I can understand some of their arguments. Alot of what I was getting from what I read was that all the blame for male behavior is being placed on the females by the person(people) who own and run that site. It really is quite unfair for that to be done. Males need to learn to control themselves, also it seems as though they’re putting down the feminist movement.
    Just my honest opinion and two cents to maybe try and explain what some of our more outspoken sisters were trying to get acrossed.

  • DT says:

    Re: I read your thread on modest_style
    Oh, I understand completely what they are saying, I just don’t happen to agree.
    They are presenting a straw-man argument. NO ONE is saying that men “can’t control their behavior” around a woman who is wearing provocative clothing. That is not the issue.
    The “unfair” and unwise” statement is referring to the fact (yes, FACT) that men are visual creatures by nature– far more so than women, They are primarily stimulated by the visual, which is one reason why porn is so much more of a problem for men than women.
    It is unfair and unwise to present a visual stimulus to every random guy who walks by who may or may not have the presence of mind to not look, and thereby be lead into a lustful thought pattern– it has nothing to do with catcalls or running up to women on the street to randomly assault them because they are wearing a mini skirt and midriff baring top.
    This is not about “blaming the victim” or saying that a woman who dresses a certain way was “asking for it.” That is a separate issue all together. This is about how a man sees and perceives his world, and the mutual responsibility of both genders in a society to make sure that men guard their hearts and behavior, and women make sure to not dangle fresh meat before their eyes on a constant basis.
    Besides, all I wanted to show with the website was that there are others out there who are as upset about the current trend in sexualized children’s clothing as I am, and the women went nuts, picking apart one tiny piece of it, which they were twisting anyway to make it offensive to themselves.
    It’s ridiculous.
    Sorry– didn’t mean to rant at you– I just am so disgusted with the responses I got, and have no desire to post there again.

  • Re: I read your thread on modest_style
    Understandable. Ya’ll aren’t the only ones disgusted by it. I’ll lock my daughter in a closet if she tries to dress like that. My mother didn’t allow me to. Granted, due to my rather well endowment (and most likely my daughters if she follows true to form) it will be difficult for cleavage or at least the shapes to be modestly covered but I really don’t see a problem with cleavage so long as you’re not about to fall out of your shirt. I DEFINITELY have a problem with shorts that the butts hanging out being worn in public, it’s one thing to do so in the privacy of your own home with your spouse but not in public.
    But on the other hand, boys/men need to learn how to behave like gentlemen as well and not stare and gawk and every woman walking down the street.

  • tiferet says:

    If this is the way you feel perhaps you would be happier in another community.
    The women who post at dress the way they do because they respect themselves and other people, but we generally do not believe that women have an unequal responsibility in this area or that human beings of either gender do not know how not to look at things that they shouldn’t look at.
    We also think that there are problems with the way some boys dress, particularly those who walk around with their underwear showing out of their pants, wear violent slogans on their clothing, proclaim themselves to be “pimps” and “porn stars”, go around in clothing that shouldn’t be seen off the beach in public and the like, and we are confused as to why “Moms for Modesty” wouldn’t feel that they have a responsibility to deal with this issue.
    We are an egalitarian interdenominational interfaith community, not an evangelical Christian community. (The language that is being used seems evangelical Christian to me.) In general Jewish women (like me) who cover believe that we do it to preserve the intimacy of our personal relationships and ensure that people look at us first as human beings with a human intellect and spirit and soul. Muslim modesty laws also require that men cover their bodies as well as women. There is nothing wrong with you posting any link to the community, but expecting everyone to agree with it and not to criticise it may be a bit much, we like lively conversations.
    Also, many of us are modest because we are feminists–we don’t appreciate social norms that offer the expectation we should be on display and constantly judged as much for our looks as our brains, when this isn’t the way men are treated. One way to do that is not to wear the short skirts and low necklines and wear clothing that covers as much of our bodies as a man’s equivalent clothing would–that is, long skirts and blouses in the office.

  • pester says:

    I found your blog through m_s — I hope you don’t mind. I read back a little bit about slings. I just wanted to warn you to be very careful with the sheets — they are very thin for baby slings, and slippery as well. Most homemade baby slings are made out of thicker materials, such as bottom-weight. Just thought you might want to be aware, if you weren’t already, and take that into consideration when you’re designing.
    I’m a poor seamstress but made a variety of carriers for our munchkins. Have you tried a Mei Tai? At least as easy to make as a ring sling, no expensive rings to buy, and heaven for the back.

  • DT says:

    Re: If this is the way you feel perhaps you would be happier in another community.
    It’s interesting to me that unlike most of the other ladies, who simply ripped apart the link I posted, you have brought the fight to my door, on the post itself as well as here in my personal journal.
    I chose not to argue the point there, since the overwhelming majority of sentiment seemed to be one that was anything but egalitarian, as so many pride themselves, and the forum claims.
    It seems to me that the ability to “eat the meat and spit out the bones” is completely lost on many who have challenged the link I posted. It is not possible, seemingly, to say, “Yeah, the clothing choices available to our children are atrocious, I’m on board with anyone who opposes this,” and instead to pick apart the philosophies *why* they consider those things immodest.
    I don’t care why you choose to dress modestly, many women all over the world dress in a modest manner for many many reasons, and just because they aren’t for the same “feminist” reasons you and many others claim doesn’t change the crux of the matter– that we all think it is better to cover.
    The lack of tolerance and indignation for the reasons why others feel it is important to cover is what disgusts me. It shows a complete lack of “tolerance”, “egalitarianism” “ecumenicism” and all those other wonderfully inclusive words you chose in your reply.
    The hypocrisy, intolerance and cattiness of the replies is what offends me. And the fact that you have followed me to my own journal to tell me I don’t belong is truly offensive. I believe you do not speak for the rest of the group, as I have been a member of for some time, and know that the women who are members of this community come from a wide array of backgrounds. I have never assumed that the women of the group are all “evangelical Christians” nor that we all choose modesty for the same reasons.
    Thank you for inviting me to leave the group, and showing the true level of “tolerance” “egalitarianism” to which you truly prescribe. I will take your suggestion under advisement.

  • DT says:

    Yes, I’m trying to use denser, thicker sheets (like flannel and such) and am thinking of quilting some of the thinner ones. But thanks for the heads up!
    I haven’t tried a Mei Tai yet. I’m pregnant with my first, so everything is new, and difficult to judge since I’m just… big and round with no baby to put in it yet. lol
    I am having fun making them though!
    Thanks for the advice!

  • hannahsarah says:

    Re: I read your thread on modest_style
    Well, *I* agree with you. I had to quit m_s a while back because some of the attitudes there made me crazy.
    Mind if I add you to my friend’s list?

  • DT says:

    Re: I read your thread on modest_style
    Thank you, not at all! I find I am getting more friends through this little snafu… lol

  • hannahsarah says:

    Re: I read your thread on modest_style
    Yep, I’m met some of the coolest people through drama! 😀

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