Brave New World

July 15, 2009 § 7 Comments

So, last night I made an interesting discovery on a KellyMom about potty training your infant. Since last night, I have been looking into all sorts of sites about it, and am thoroughly intrigued and fascinated.

In fact, I sent a link to my best friend (the one who gave birth last week) but she scoffed, calling it a gimmick to make your child more advanced. But I don’t think so. After all, not all cultures diaper their babies. In most of Asia and Africa, they look on our Western practice of forcing our children to sit in their own excrement as disgusting and barbaric.

Now, this does sound like a rather… intensive practice. I would have to really pay attention to avoid getting peed and pooped on. But since I have such a hyper-attachment philosophy going right now anyway, it might be worth a try. After a couple of weeks… When I’ve got the breastfeeding thing down. They say though that once you’ve got it down, there are usually very very few accidents (no more than normal with toddlers/small children) and you shouldn’t need diapers unless the baby is sick or something.

And think of the money I’ll save on diapers and laundry services (for cloth diapering).


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§ 7 Responses to Brave New World

  • frodo_esque says:

    Ah yes, I had a friend who did this (a self-proclaimed “granola” couple), and I recall the baby ended up in diapers more than not. I think their couch started to stink after a few missed incidences and they decided it wasnt’ worth it. I think it works well in cultures where furniture can be easily wiped off, so when accidents do happen, it doesn’t permanently damage stuff.
    That being said, it’s certainly worth a try.
    And people in the west force their kids to sit in their own excrement?

  • spiritofjoy says:

    DH and I are planning to do this to some extent. We’re planning to keep the kid in diapers (cloth) just in case there are accidents, but I think this will make everything a looooooot easier. =)

  • DT says:

    And people in the west force their kids to sit in their own excrement?
    Well, that’s what diapers do. 😛

  • DT says:

    That’s what I’m thinking. I mean, I plan to wear her everywhere all the time anyway, so I *should* be prepared. It’s not like I’ll be leaving her by herself anywhere.
    But i do plan to be prepared with cloth dipes at the ready.

  • frodo_esque says:

    Oh right…lol. Forgot about that. =)

  • DT says:

    I don’t know what Matt thinks of all this. He’s pretty much letting me be as crunchy as I want to be without comment. But we will have diaper back up!

  • lijuun says:

    Hmmm . . . I’ve never heard of this, but it certainly sounds good. Think of all the diaper rash you (and baby) won’t have to deal with! I’m really interested to hear how this goes!

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