And I slept…

July 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

I just woke up. Again. I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy, the Zoloft, or both, but I sure cannot get enough sleep these days. Yesterday, I felt so refreshed and alert. I had two nights in a row of [virtually] uninterrupted sleep. Last night was a good night too, but I was back to being sleepy again today. Oh well, plenty of practice for napping when the baby naps, I guess. Oh I do hope she naps.

On the way home from church yesterday, Matt and I checked out the local SPCA to see what they have right now. Nothing small, or even adequately medium sized. As usual, they had a ton of pit bulls, some of whom were really gorgeous. There was one who was a decent size and beautiful— silver-grey with white markings– but he would only look at us from the corner of his eyes, and there was a big red tag on his cage that said “Do Not Show! Not for Adoption!” so we figured he had issues.

Most of the dogs were HUGE. A stunning Great Dane, a young St Bernard, and a really really fat American bulldog. I loved the Great Dane, but were would we put him? He would sit on Mocha and smother her. 😛 And Matt wants our next dog to be much< smaller. Despite her inability to gain weight, Mocha is still a very big dog who takes up a lot of space, and eats a lot. I just love big dogs though.

There was a freaking adorable Cocker Spaniel who put on his cutest antics for us while we were there, and he didn’t bark at all, which is a trait I look for in any dog. But the sign said he wasn’t good with children and other pets, so he was out. I’m not generally a fan of the breed for those reasons– they tend to be temperamental, and prone to bad attitudes. Better to get one as a puppy and properly socialize them than to take your chances with an adult.

We’re in no rush to get another dog, but it is something on the horizon, especially since Mocha seems to be getting confused lately. A couple of days ago, she came into the room and stood next to her bed staring at it. It looked so much like me walking into the kitchen, opening the refrigerator and wondering why I went in there. We invited her to lay down, and she looked at us like, “Wha–?” She also doesn’t respond to her cue words as readily anymore, and she seems to just… stare off into space a lot. She doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable or in pain, and as long as we put some food in it, she’ll drink her water, so we’re just in wait and see mode.

I know that before we had to put our Golden Retriever Chelsea down, it was helpful that I had Strider. He eased the transition, and I know he made her feel better in her final days. He’s a good dog. Wish my parents hadn’t made me give him up– he’s probably the best dog I ever/will ever own. But at least I get to visit, and I’m still his mommy and most favorite person on earth. 😉 I just wish his current owners hadn’t fattened him up so much. He looks like a stuffed sausage now.


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