My Dog, the Spaz

July 22, 2009 § 1 Comment

Apparently, there is a fly in the room. Mocha loves to eat flies. She is lying in wait on her bed for it to come close enough, and then she suddenly springs into action, flailing and snapping, and making a general ruckus. I think she missed.

I took another epic nap today. I just got up a few minutes ago. We got in really late last night from the movie (Yay! HBP review coming up!) and I had drunk a small Cherry Coke at the theater. Now mind you, I do not drink soda period as a rule, and have had very little caffeine throughout this pregnancy, so even though it was a small one, I was wired for sound when we got home. My bedtime is 9:30– I start dozing right around then. {oh, she caught it– the happy smacking noises tell me so.} Last night, the movie didn’t end till close to 11, and it was after that when we got home. So it’s really no wonder I was all nappish today.

I’ve been listening to my Hypbirth CD’s, and they are most relaxing– even when Mocha makes sudden leaping motions and snapping noises like a great white shark breaching on a sneak attack of an unsuspecting seal. To not have THAT disturb your reverie, you must be really relaxed.

While I was napping, I dreamed my sister and I were making homemade ice cream in an ice cream maker out of breastmilk. The flavors were grape and strawberry, and I was going to try chocolate next. I guess I got a lot on my mind.

And now, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Price!

Of the last four movies, this was definitely my favorite. I believe it may be the best adaptation so far. The cuts from the book made sense, and the departures were justifiable. It was well paced (MUCH better than Goblet, which felt like “and this happened and this happened and this happened…”) and the over all directing was well done. I liked Emma Watson’s performance better in this one– she has seemed rather one note in the last few films, but she was much more nuanced this time around. I’m not sure if that is due to growing as an actress, or direction or both.

I also liked the fact that this time around, the scenery didn’t take over as much. The “atmosphere” and location shots of PoA were highly distracting to me, as well as the overt attempts at symbolism throughout. If it was there in this film, it wasn’t distracting or noticeable.

Overall, I felt it was a good film, and enjoyed the way they handled all the important points– Ron as Keeper, the Hermione-Ron-Lavender situation, Katie Bell and the Cursed Necklace, Ron’s poisoning, HarryLovesGinny, the problem of Slughorn, Dumbldore’s lessons; and I really appreciated more Snape screen time. It was subtle, but I think Rickman did a great job of eliciting Snape’s inner turmoil throughout most of the film. But that is part of the greatness of Snape– his subtlety– and Rickman is just the man for the job. Tom Felton did a wonderful job as Malfoy in his difficult position. I liked the fact that almost from the outset, it was less braggadocios and bold as he was portrayed in the book, but more of a distracted and scared child, unsure how to accomplish this impossible task.

One of my favorite Laugh Out Loud scenes in the movie had to be when everyone was gathered around Ron’s hospital bed, and Lavender has her meltdown. The LOOK on Snape’s face of utter and complete lack of care was PRICELESS.

My only disappointment came at the end. There were a couple of lines I felt SHOULD have been there, and some of the emotional impact was lost due to their absence. I really think the showdown scene between Dumbledore and Malfoy needed that “I have you at my mercy…” “No Draco, it is my mercy and not yours which matters here.”

The next line I felt was powerfully missing was when Harry calls Snape a coward, and he thunders back, “DO NOT CALL ME COWARD!!” I really wanted to see that, to see how Rickman would handle that particular emotional explosion from self-controlled Snape, and also just to see on screen one of my favorite scenes in the books. It was doubly disappointing, since they really seemed to be foreshadowing it when Bellatrix called him coward at the beginning during the Unbreakable Vow scene. It seemed to be a theme, Snape being called a coward by both sides, and no one really ever knowing or appreciating in his life how truly brave he was (with the exception of Dumbledore, of course.) Ah well, I will always have my internal vision for that scene I suppose.

So all in all good film, entertaining, but the ending lacked the emotional kapow that it could have had.


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