July 23, 2009 § 3 Comments

Last night, I made my list of what we need to bring to the hospital. I woke up in the middle of the night, wide awake, going over everything that still needs to be done. So I went downstairs and got out the small suitcase and started packing up the small things, like toiletries. I put in a brand new toothbrush, since the last time, my one from the bathroom never made it back, and I also packed some toilet paper. The stuff they have at the hospital is is so thin, it dissolves instantly when it comes in contact with moisture.

Decent toilet paper is probably my favorite invention ever. I can go without many modern amenities, but good quality toilet paper I CANNOT do without. But I digress.

Today, I am packing clothes for both myself and Matt, along with my nursing nightgown and robe. My slippers and changes of underwear and socks are already in the bag. I still need to decide what outfit to bring as a going home outfit for the baby, but I’m not really concerned. I’ll bring her home in a onesie and a receiving blanket– it’s really not a big deal to me what she wears. I need to remember to bring one of my own fluffy bath towels, since the little scratchy thin washcloths they give you there don’t really do much of anything to dry you off, and when Matt gets home, I want to run to Target for trial size soaps and stuff. I also need to invest in a couple of nursing bras.

I plan to bring snacks of course; fruit, cheese, and crackers, and probably peanut butter. Those are really my go-to foods. I would eat fruit cheese and crackers every day if we had it in the house. And peanut butter is my favorite. That we will wait to purchase for when I actually go into labor. I don’t want a wedge of brie sitting around for weeks (if weeks I have to go.)

Now I’m going to practice my relaxation for an hour, and then back to cleaning and packing. Fun!


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