I WILL eat my pineapple!

July 27, 2009 § 4 Comments

So I found out today that some fruits such as pineapple and mango are not “approved” foods for pregnancy, since they are purported to cause miscarriage or induce labor. Nice to find that out NOW at the end of a pregnancy that has been marked by intense cravings for both pineapple and mango throughout, and much joyful noshing of such.

I eat my pineapple anyway. It is yummy, and I won’t deny the cravings. She ain’t coming till she’s good and ready anyway.

In other news, Matt asked how many posts I intend to make today. I told him I have much to say for myself today. So there.

ETA: My Chiropractor chided me today for excessive use of Benadryl to get to sleep at night. So I’m sucking down chamomile tonight. We’ll see how that works.

And maybe my pineapple will make me go into labor in time for my OB appt tomorrow. I’ll already be there; it would be a great time saver for us all.


§ 4 Responses to I WILL eat my pineapple!

  • sonneta says:

    Seriously, no pineapple or mango? Sounds like an old wives’ tale to me. I looked up what pregnant ladies aren’t supposed to eat online; the only restrictions I could find were certain types of fish, due to the mercury content; and various things that might contain listeria, of which neither mango nor pineapple was listed.

  • DT says:

    Yeah, it’s definitely an old wives tale, but they try to back it up saying there is a chemical in pineapple, mangoes, and kiwis that causes contractions. Apparently in Asia women avoid those fruits throughout pregnancy. I don’t buy it; I’ve been eating them the whole time. 😛
    There are some herbs and spices and such that pregnant women should avoid, including cinnamon, believe it or not. In sufficient dosages, it acts as a blood thinner and can cause complications. There’s a whole list of teas and stuff to avoid while pregnant.

  • If it’s not too hot there, I recommend heating up some milk (stovetop is best) and then stirring in some honey and putting a dash of nutmeg on the top. It’s so tasty and cozy it should make you fall asleep in no time! =)

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