Dumb dog. And owner.

July 28, 2009 § 2 Comments

Mocha got a hold of the plastic bag that wrapped the remains of my muffin wrapper today. And ate it. The whole thing. Plastic bag and all. Stupid dog.

It’s my fault of course, because I left it where she could get at it. Ugh. This means she will puke somewhere around 4 Am tomorrow, and we’ll have to clean it up. Nothing we can do till then. I’m hoping that the small amount of chocolate she’s ingested won’t hurt her too much in her current weakened state.

In other horrifying news, walkertxkitty posted this story about a dog who dragged its owner’s newborn baby from his crib. The baby is alive and recovering, but it is a cautionary tale for anyone with pets and babies.

I love Mocha, and know she would never intentionally hurt a person– that she knows is a person. But she’s a hound dog, bred to hunt and kill small animals, and I’ve personally seen her efficiently and ruthlessly dispatch squirrels and rabbits. I would NEVER leave my baby alone with her. And now she’s going old sick and senile, all the more reason to never leave either of them unsupervised.

ETA Correction: Matt has informed me that he got the plastic bag from Mocha. But she did eat the paper wrapper of the muffin. So, chocolate, yes, but plastic bag, no. It’s a relief anyway.


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§ 2 Responses to Dumb dog. And owner.

  • kerewyn says:

    I once foolishly left my lunchbox, containing two sandwiches wrapped in clingwrap, on the kitchen counter in a house with my housemate’s two Irish wolfhounds. They knew it was there – they’d been resting their chins on the counter, watching me make my sandwiches as I fended them off with my elbows. Goodness knows what made me forget to pick the lunchbox up, but when I got home from work, all that was left was a few shards of plastic scattered across the living room floor.

  • bojojoti says:

    When our children were born, we had two beloved cats. I never left the baby alone with them. At night, the cats were locked in the basement. During the day, when the baby napped, I shut the door to keep the cats out and listened on the baby monitor.
    Animals do not think the same as we do. A cat could curl up on a baby’s face, only meaning to cuddle and catch its warmth–never meaning to harm–and still manage to suffocate the infant. Children are too precious to not realize the dangers pets may present.

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