I think Ella likes Chocolate.

July 28, 2009 § 5 Comments

And she’s not even here yet. The first time I ever noticed her reactive to a particular food I was eating was when I ate chocolate ice cream on waffles. She seemed to wriggle with delight over that dish. Since then, I have noticed that as soon as I start eating certain foods– as soon as they touch my tongue– she responds. And chocolate is a biggie. I don’t eat a whole lot of it these days, because of the caffeine and theobromine, but when I do she goes to wiggling. With each bite, mind you. I got me a double chocolate chocolate chip muffin yesterday and ate half (it really doesn’t take much for me) and am eating the other half this morning. She woke up immediately when I bit into it.

I love it! lol And my theory is backed up by science– studies have shown that babies recognize flavors to which they were introduced in utero, and at the breast. Apparently, in some mysterious way, they taste what we taste, as we taste it. I think that is pretty cool. I think Ella thinks it’s cool too. At least, she seems to enjoy (i.e. respond to) some foods more than others.

In other related news, Matt and I had a midnight run to L&D last night. I was concerned because I hadn’t felt the baby move in quite some time (and she’s a mover and a shaker) even after having eaten some fruit and laid down for a bit and after Matt blew raspberries and talked into my belly (that usually gets her moving.) I was also wondering about tiny little gushes of discharge I was having. TMI I know.

So we get there and as the woman is doing our intake, she kicked. *eyeroll* One kick though, as opposed to the constant flailing I’m used to, so we decided to get checked anyway. They hooked me up to the monitors and did a Non Stress Test to track her heartbeats and movements. After about fifteen minutes, the nurse was like, “She looks fine, she’s moved 12 times already.” I was stunned, because I had only felt like 2 or 3 movements in that time. I guess now that she is running out of room (or womb– lol) her movements aren’t as grandiose as I’m used to.

They kept me hooked up for another 20 minutes, and then let me go, after stating that her readings were perfect enough for a textbook. And it was determined that the tiny gushes I have been experiencing have not been amniotic fluid. No, no, dear readers, the baby is kicking the pee out of me. Yes, folks, I have been peeing on myself, involuntarily (as opposed to that willful peeing on oneself that some are so prone to.) Lovely, isn’t it? Matt laughed when the nurse explained what was happening.

I told him not to mock my incontinence.


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