We have MEAT!

July 29, 2009 § 13 Comments

On our weekly trip to the farm for milk today, we also picked up our order for 1/4 steer. I had to rearrange our deep freezer to make room, and tossed a bunch of stuff that had gotten buried and yucky. In doing so, I also uncovered a bunch of steaks and roasts from our last order. We have two solid shelves of straight up BEEF. We know what’s for dinner for the next three months.

So tomorrow I am starting a roast, and also I want to get a beef stock going. I need veggies though. Looks like I’ll have both crock pots going full tilt for the next couple of days! That’s good though, because I’ll be able to get a jump on postpartum meals.

A couple of ladies from church are coming out tomorrow to help me get through the coffeehouse boxes and get some more organization going on, so that should help free me up to focus on the cooking of it all.

I had my Dr K appt today, and he agreed to halve my Lamictal dosage in prep for delivery. He’s concerned about the Lamictal getting into my milk, so I told him I would make sure to have the baby monitored by our doctor. And he lectured me once more about even being on the Lamictal. I’m really tired of hearing it from him, because, frankly, there is nothing else safer for my condition that I or any of my other doctors have heard of, so all of his “concerns” are really dumb– it’s not like there was a better/safer alternative for me and the baby. I had enough doctors consulting on this one. And he hasn’t mentioned ANY kind of an alternate— only that he wouldn’t have put me on Lamictal.

Dude, does this mean you would have put me on Depakote or Lithium? Those are the only other two mood stabilizers I have ever been offered or advised about. ‘Cause, y’know, they are certain to cause severe birth defects, and the complications and side effects for me would be profound. I just smile and nod every time he says it. Big ol’ WHATEVER. As soon as we have real insurance, I will be back to my “real” shrink and won’t have to worry about him and his unhelpful opinions anymore.


§ 13 Responses to We have MEAT!

  • flutterings says:

    aw, that sounds so idyllic! 🙂
    And ughh at your shrink. If you don’t have a better solution, don’t complain about the one that is on the table, I say. >:/

  • wolfcatt says:

    Well, there are a lot of other mood stabilizers out there but they’re not safe imho especially not for your baby.
    *yells at your belleh* GET OUT HERE ALREADY YOUNG LADY! X3

  • DT says:

    See, that’s the thing. He has never once said, “I’d put you on ____ instead.” It’s always, “I wouldn’t put you on Lamictal.” So not helpful. I’ve been on many medications since I first got my diagnosis in 2003, and my treatment options have been narrowed down to those three– Lamictal, Depakote, and Lithium.. Of those three, Lithium is the only one my docs have never felt comfortable putting me on. And between Depakote and Lamictal, the Lamictal has the least side effects for me (being NONE, thankfully) and the risks to Baby just aren’t as… desperate.
    There are words for people like him. I just don’t use them.
    Matt and I have been yelling the same thing at my belly for a couple weeks now. She’s stubborn, I tell you. She’s called the shots so far, and will continue to for at least a few months after she comes out. But I will eventually assert my authori-TAY, and she WILL LISTEN!

  • DT says:

    My point exactly. He’s so not helping. All he is is a prescription pad to me right now. lol

  • flutterings says:

    I know how you feel. When my psych decided he needed 5 weeks vacation (boy howdy, wasn’t that a fun few weeks!) I had to see the doctor at the clinic instead. All he wanted to do was put me on sleep meds and anti depressants + anti anxiety meds. I tell him that what I need is someone I can talk to, what do I get? A prescription for sleeper’s aide. Yah, thanks.

  • BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF. I would die at that much beef. OF HAPPINESS. I love beef oh so much. 😀
    Sorry your doctor is being a wanker. 😦 Hopefully you can get real insurance soon!

  • wolfcatt says:

    Yeah x.x Like…I wouldn’t put you on speed, lady! OR CRACK! OR *listseverything* makes me lol
    Indeed… 😡
    XD Maybe you can bribe her with chocolate?

  • frodo_esque says:

    Oh man. How absolutely annoying to get lectured about something so pointless. It’s quite self-righteous isn’t it? And really, do you need to hear how he thinks it’s dangerous? You’re already nervous as it is as a young mother. Next time, I would ask him if he had any alternative suggestions…

  • DT says:

    No smack FOR YOU!!

  • DT says:

    I actually asked in our first meeting and he seemed surprised by the question, and then kinda rattled off a couple of anti-depressants. Um, yeah, BIPOLAR here. Need mood stabilizers, not straight up anti-depressants. Unless he wants me all manic and postal.
    It doesn’t make me nervous, really, since I had so many doctors I knew and trusted telling me to go on it to begin with, and his is the ONLY voice of dissent– and he hardly knows me. It just annoys me.
    I do worry though that she’ll come out with a cleft lip, since on the ultrasounds we never got a good look at her facial features. Her bones and palate are fine, we can see that. I just don’t know if her lips will be ok. *fret*

  • Cleft lips are easy enough to get surgically fixed if you think it’s necessary. =)
    Also, sorry about your temporary shrink. =\

  • singersdd says:

    How many more times do you have to see this dork? Whattanidiot!
    I hope the lower dose of Lamictal keeps your moods stable. Maybe you won’t need the higher dose again. *crosses fingers*

  • hannahsarah says:

    When my mom was pregnant with me, her doctor wanted to put her on Thalidomide. Thank G-d my mom was up on the latest info on medicine and side effects, or I would have ended up as a “flipper baby”.
    1964 was not such a great time to be pregnant.

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