I can haz Pot Roast

July 30, 2009 § 9 Comments

I was up again a good portion of the night, so I had Matt call the ladies who were coming over to help and postpone our cleaning day. I was too groggy to do it myself. When I finally DID haul my huge preggo butt out of bed, I got to work on making my roast for today. I have a big ol’ 3 lb chuck roast which is stewing nicely in a concoction of my own brewing. But we still need veggies. That’s ok though, since I wouldn’t want to add them to the crock pot till an hour before it’s ready, so Matt and I can head to the grocery store on our way home from the chiropractor.

I am enjoying brie and crackers for lunch, because I loves it so, and I think I may end up eating the whole wedge. sigh For some reason, Mocha thinks I will be giving her some, but she is sorely mistaken. The brie is MINE, MINE I say!

I have learned that much of my discomfort of late is directly related to our computer chair. Once I sit in it for any length of time, I have horrid pain in my nether regions, causing me to walk like a 90 year old man with rickets. It also causes such pain, that I cannot perform simple tasks such as: getting into bed; rolling over; lifting my leg to step on a stair. You know. Simple tasks. So I abandoned the PC, desk and chair and have set up an elaborate system involving much cabling so that I can use my laptop from the bed, and utilize the monitor from the pc. My only issue now is that I’m not exactly close enough to the monitor to read comfortably, and some sites (and folks’ journals) are not presented in a style, font or color scheme that is conducive to nearsighted pregnant women who choose to sit four feet away from their monitors.

I may switch to the TV, which has a PC hook up, if I can get the cord to stretch so far. I am so lame.


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