Dude. Pissed beyond belief.

August 3, 2009 § 9 Comments

The freaking Borough just came out and mowed my lawn. Razed it to the ground. The hydrangea bush my mom gave me, the butterfly bush my sister gave me for my birthday, my azaleas, my lilies, my Roses of Sharon– all gone.

A couple of weeks ago they posted a notice on the door saying we needed to mow our grass because it was above six inches. Now, we don’t HAVE any grass in our backyard– just ornamental plants, and yes, some weeds. So Matt went out and sprayed the weeds. We didn’t hear anything else. Until i was going out to my backyard to let the dog out, and a man was out there raking my freshly mowed lawn. He said the borough ordered it. Oh, and he left the yard wide open, so now I have to get dressed to go out there and shut the back gate to let the dog out.

I am livid. Those plants were not cheap. And of COURSE they are above six inches– they are ornamental plants and bushes!!! I called the borough, and now I’m waiting for the supervisor who ordered the mowing to call me back. This is unbelievable., You can’t give ONE warning, and then just go mow someone’s yard. Especially when they dealt with the issue!

Ugh. And you know they are gonna send me a bill for the “service.”

ETA: They also broke the fence, so it won’t latch now. They mowed the yard of the abandoned house next door. I can only assume they just got carried away. And some punk kid destroyed all my plants. I made a list, and am calling the local nursery for current prices on each of the plants.


§ 9 Responses to Dude. Pissed beyond belief.

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