UPDATE: Still Pregnant.

August 9, 2009 § 7 Comments

Yeah for any who may be interested, concerned or mildly curious, my extended absence from lj had nothing to do with being in labor or anything. We just couldn’t access lj for several days there. Not real sure why but we could not pull it up at all. It was the only site we had trouble accessing. I blame the Russians.

So, yeah, still pregnant. Today, the pastor– from the pulpit– asked, “Dawn! Why are you still here?”

I’m huge, and getting… huger. Each day, I can see how my stretch marks have grown longer. I think they are going to grow right over my shoulders and start working down my back soon. But my nursing bras came yesterday, so I’m very happy about that. I’m even more happy that they were only $20 a piece, and are very comfy.

Tomorrow is going to be miserable. They are calling for thunderstorms and 97 degree temps. UGH. There is also an excessive heat warning until Tuesday. Is there anything worse than HOT thunderstorms? blecch

I’ve been sick for several days now. Seems those flu-like symptoms I was having last week were the precursor to a genuine stomach bug. I was running a low grade fever, and at this point, I do not believe there is anything left in my intestines. I called the doc and spoke to a nurse and she said there is really nothing they can have me take for it since I’m pregnant, but on the bright side, with my bowel being so irritated, it may push me into labor by triggering contractions. So, influenza for the WIN! I just keep taking Tylenol for the fever/achiness of it all, and hoping things will move along.

Oddly enough, it really hasn’t affected my appetite– I remain very very hungry. All the time.


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§ 7 Responses to UPDATE: Still Pregnant.

  • bojojoti says:

    The very end is the hardest. Hang in there. Pregnancy lasts until you can’t stand it any more.
    Plus ten days.

  • amenquohi says:

    Battling a stomach virus in 97 degree heat while hugely pregnant? Who bought you a ticket to hell? That SUCKS.
    Feel better, and pop that kid, willya?

  • DT says:

    TELL me about it!! It’s annoying, because even those Braxton Hicks contractions I was having for weeks on end have stopped fully. All she does is roll her great big baby body around and around and around 24/7.
    I had dreams about dwarfs and little people running all around me last night. It can’t be a coincidence.

  • DT says:

    Yeah, technically, I still HAVE at least ten days. I’m due the 18th according to the ultrasound, but the 23rd according to the early calculations.
    Either way, I would prefer not going to my due date.
    My mom went almost 3 weeks over with my youngest sister. She practically gave birth to a one month old infant. I don’t relish that idea.

  • sonneta says:

    You couldn’t get on because LiveJournal (along with several other social networking sites) was under a Distributed Denial of Service Attack. And, yes, it was (allegedly) some Russians doing the attacking.

  • DT says:

    Crazy Russians! How do I get to be so fortunate as to be caught up and impacted by high-tech, terroristic spy games? On LiveJournal no less?
    I feel all international and James Bond now.

  • qt3_14159 says:

    Should I tell you that my first was two weeks late, and my second was FOUR weeks late? ;o)

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