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I had more of the heart pounding today. It was after I ate lunch, and last night’s episode was soon after dinner, so I wonder if the two are related. Maybe I am having a reaction to something I am eating.

In general, I do not have much of a sweet tooth. In fact, I usually lean towards salty/savory foods. But during this pregnancy, I want sweet all the time. Especially pastries. Well, at least in this last trimester. The first two I was barfing too much to really crave much of anything, and any bready products were right out. But now I want flaky fruit filled pastries all the time. Danishes, Napoleons, pie, crepes, turnovers… you name it, I want it now.

I have some peaches we picked up at the farm the other day. I may have to bust out some cobbler. Or perhaps a bread pudding with peaches… hmmm…


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  • Have you been eating anything that could possibly have monosodium glutamate in it? Many people get heart pounding and dizziness after consuming it… it’s a neurotoxin that is, quite unfortunately, quite common in packaged foods and spice blends.

  • DT says:

    I don’t think so, since I am pretty sensitive to MSG (plus more,) so Matt and I are careful label readers– no soy, no MSG, no HFCS among others. We made the meatloaf from scratch– and even the ketchup was homemade by me (I love Sally Fallon’s cookbook– Nourishing Traditions.)
    Of course, now that you mention it, there could be MSG in the Worcestershire Sauce that he put in it. I’ll have to check that label. Unfortunately, sometimes, it doesn’t even get divulged on the label, coming in under “natural flavors”. So one never knows. I’ll try it again tonight, and if I have the same reaction, we’ll dump the WS.

  • It’s quite possible that it was hidden under “natural flavors.” I haven’t tried this myself, but I heard that if you write to the company that makes x food that you are curious about, they legally must fully disclose all the ingredients to you, including MSG, and from that point on they have to print the ingredients on their label. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but it might be worth investigating. Of course, there are always all the ways it can be snuck into foods (you might know this already =))-
    spices, natural flavors, spice extractives, yeast extractives, whey isolate, whey protein isolate, hydrolized soy protein, soy isolate, soy protein isolate, hydrolized vegetable protein, monopotassium glutamate, glutamic acid, yeast food, yeast extract glutamate, textured protein, autolized yeast extract, sodium caseinate, glutamate, gelatin, msg, monsodium glutamate …and lots more, unfortunately.
    I love Nourishing Traditions too. =) Do you follow the Weston A. Price Foundation at all?

  • DT says:

    Oh, I am a Weston Price fangirl! I am so pleased to find someone else who is as interested in traditional nutrition as I am! *glee*
    You should check out some of my “raw” tagged posts; I’ve written a bit on raw milk and HFCS. I have wanted to post on soy, but haven’t seemed to be able to collect my thoughts to sit down to it. πŸ˜›
    We went through our cabinets last year, and got rid of almost everything boxed, canned or otherwise pre-processed, and have been trying to go more whole foods and natural. Our freezer is full of grass-fed beef we bought from the same farm that supplies our raw milk, and we try to buy natural, organic and local as much as possible.
    How about you? Do you have local resources where you are? And you are moving to Vegas soon, right? Are you going to be able to get whole foods there? I don’t know what Nevada’s laws are regarding stuff like milk, etc.

  • :DDDD
    I’ll try and take a look at the posts tonight. I’m supposed to be cleaning the kitchen and making liners for a custom order, but I got sucked into the interwebs instead. πŸ˜‰
    Would it be alright if I add you on AIM? I just realized your s/n is on your profile. =) I’m spiritofjoy21.
    We have a few resources, but we just found a really great store kind of nearbyish (we walk everywhere or take the bus) that apparently all the WAPF people here *love* – the produce is far superior to the other stores, the butchers actually sell bones and such for stock, and they have raw goat milk <3. πŸ˜€
    I am moving to Vegas soon, and I’ve been struggling to find anything remotely WAPFish. There isn’t even a group there! David and I are talking about maybe starting a Vegas branch of it possibly. We’ll just have to see.
    Nevada’s outlook on raw milk can be found here,
    In Tennessee we could have gotten raw milk if we’d really tried so long as we said it was “for our pets”… right, like most people are buying it for their pets. =P

  • Oh, by the way, I *love* Anne of Green Gables! πŸ˜€ Yesterday I picked out a new blouse to wear to my anniversary dinner and I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Puffed sleeves!!!!” as soon as I saw it! πŸ˜€

  • ewok_626 says:

    *sets out a platter of raspberry and cream cheese danishes, then backs away slowly*

  • DT says:

    You are officially my new best friend! πŸ˜€
    We don’t actually have AIM on this PC, but my nick is the same on Yahoo, if you have that. I’d love to chat!
    I love how WAPF friendly PA is, since raw milk sales are legal– even in the grocery stores (though you have to know which stores to go to) and being such a rural state with a large Amish population, you get a lot of more natural and organic stuff. There are Farmer’s Markets everywhere and I love it.
    I do have a tough time getting bones and stuff for stocks, though. I always forget to ask when I place my beef order (we get 1/4 to 1/2 a steer twice a year from the local farm– grass-fed Jersey Steers. So good! We had beef ribs the other night that were so flavorful, they almost tasted like lamb.)
    But even a some of the local bakeries are WAPF friendly and grind and soak all their own grains, sticking with spelt rather than wheat and older grains, and using Rapadura, honey or maple syrup rather than sugar.
    When Matt and I had our coffeehouse, we used only raw milk, no soy, and natural sweeteners. We had to slowly switch from Splenda to Stevia though, as many customers just couldn’t handle not having the chemicals. lol They complained bitterly that we didn’t have the pink or blue stuff. *eyeroll*
    I hope you can get a WAPF chapter started in Vegas– that would be awesome! Too bad the law’s kinda wonky down there, but maybe y’all can start/find a cow share.

  • DT says:

    I made Matt take me to a bakery tonight, and i got a little phyllo dough pastry, an apple fritter, and a Caramel Apple Walnut pie.
    I also ended up making little peach cobblers.
    I ate them all. Well… except the pie. I’m saving that for tomorrow.
    *takes the danishes and munches happily*

  • πŸ˜€
    Added on Yahoo. I’m modestmaidenfemcare.
    PA sounds *wonderful*! I’ve never been there, but it’s on my list! That’s so great about the veggies and bread and everything! Eeee! It makes me miss our farmers market from where we lived in Northeast TN – a lot of the farmers were quite old and from the school of thought that does not include chemicals on their veggies. πŸ˜€

  • DT says:

    Yay! I added you back… Too bad your hubby’s job didn’t relocate you out here– I like it!
    Well, I better go wake up my husband.

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