Getting ready for his gig

August 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’m here at church running sound for Matt’s band practice. He has a gig tomorrow night, as long as Ella doesn’t decide to make her appearance between now and then. I’m slated to video the show tomorrow, so we might have something to show for ourselves.

I’m so happy that he is in a band, let me tell you. I think it is a great outlet for him, and until last week, I had stepped back and let him have this time alone, but he told me he would really like me to come to practice with him, and since I’m so close to delivery anyway, it seems wise that we stick close together. lol

So last week, I got a crash course in running the sound board, and this week, I’m all over it. Which is kinda cool, cause I feel all AV geeky and useful too. The band is also short a bassist, and Mike (leader of the band) asked me tonight (jokingly, yet not) if I wouldn’t mind learning it. I most certainly would NOT mind at all! That would be so freaking cool! Maybe Matt and I can find a cheap bass/amp at one of the local pawn shops… haha We’d be the Thies rhythm section! I’ll teach Ella to play the tambourine. 😛

The contractions lasted throughout the day, but are still not regular/close enough together to be useful at all, so who knows. The guy who is Matt’s drums back up (in case I pop) told me tonight that Matt just needs to drive me over the bumpiest roads he can find. lol I told Matt I want pancakes for dinner, so we are going to a diner straight from here. Mmmm pancakes. We’ll try to find some bumpy roads there.


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