Weigh-in Day

September 30, 2009 § 3 Comments

We’ve been supplementing with bottles of formula on top of expressed breast milk, and also nursing on demand since last Wednesday. As of Friday, she had gone from 8 lbs even to 8.7, finally gaining and exceeding her birth weight at five weeks. Today, we go back for another weigh-in. I’m pretty sure she’s got to be around 10 lbs now– she’s hefty, has fat rolls on her legs and now sports chubby cheeks and a double chin. She’s back to looking like Winston Churchill again. But that’s ok, cause she’s till the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. Also, the tabs on her diaper just meet now, as opposed to overlapping like they had been. Yay for chubby babies!!

On Monday, we had a photographer out to do a photo shoot of the baby. I just know they will sucker me into buying the whole kit and caboodle, but I don’t care. the pics were awesome and she was a perfect little model– alert and smiley and holding her poses brilliantly. There were no tears until he had already packed to leave, so all the pics will be great.I can’t wait to here from them with the shots.

We don’t really have any new photos. Our camera is on the fritz and we really need a new one. So to all the folks who want pictures, we’re working on it!! We just need new equipment.

An interesting note on the bf’ing. Ella is often turning away from the bottle in order to nurse. I tell ya, that makes me feel really good, because despite whatever issues I am having, ultimately, she prefers me to the bottle. sigh I love my little girl.

Also, almost six weeks post-partum, I’m finally getting back into a routine. We’ve been doing house work over the past couple of days and I am officially two loads of dishes away from a clean kitchen. Rock On! Also, I and a HUGE chuck roast int he crock pot (I got plastic liners so I didn’t have to replace my cracked pot. Lol… crack pot. hehe.) It’s nice to not only have energy at last, but also motivation. It’s a good thing.


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