I hate waking up too warm.

October 24, 2009 § 1 Comment

I kinda startled awake this [early] morning leaking milk all over, and in a muck of sweat. Let me tell you, milk + sweat = icky stickiness. I tried making myself more comfortable, and feeding Ella, but of course she fell asleep. So rather than laying in a puddle of my own excretions (sounds delightful, no?) I’m back to the pump.

Expressing milk is extreme thirsty work. Whether I am nursing the baby or employing the pump, I get instant cottonmouth. It’s so weird.

She appears to be waking up now. Perhaps she will feed the rest of the way, and I can extricate myself from the medieval torture device.


§ One Response to I hate waking up too warm.

  • I hated it when my milk would let down when I was sleeping.
    As for the cotton mouth, see if you can find a way to sit a glass of water (or your favorite drink) up where you can get to straw without bending.

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