I haz Internetz

October 28, 2009 § 1 Comment

We were without service for a couple of days there, but we are back in business now. This is good, because I did not want to waste a bye in therealljidol in just the second week.

I’m still pondering what i want to write for the Topic, “Uphill, both ways, barefoot.” Do I wish to expound on the latch-key kid phenomena of my childhood? Perhaps how I had to work all summer when I was 9 to earn the forty-one bucks for a Cabbage Patch Kid? Pre-cell phone days (which for me were a lot further back than most, since my mom started selling them when they were still “the latest thing.”)? Or do I do something completely different and fictional?

I’ll figure something out. Probably at the last minute, because the pressure of a deadline usually doesn’t inspire me ’til the eleventh hour.

In other news, I have a BASS GUITAR!!! Yes indeed folks, in an unprecedented move of awesome giftedness, one of the singers in Matt’s band, Dayenu, gave me an electric bass last night! It’s used, of course, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome–more so in fact because it is pre-stickered with cool bands. It’s a shiny red Memphis “girl’s” bass– which means the neck is skinnier for smaller hands. Last night when I got home, I spent some quality time cleaning and polishing it, and then I tuned it all nice and thrummy. I just keep looking at it and squeeing. I do need an amp for it, but I can probably borrow one from one of the guys in the band.

Now off to feed myself!


§ One Response to I haz Internetz

  • mysterylodge says:

    Short scale basses aren’t *just* for girls. Conversely, a friend’s now defunct band had a five-foot-even bassgrrrl rocking a full size Fender Precision.
    It’s confusing these days. 😛

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