LJ Idol Week 3- Smile

November 3, 2009 § 43 Comments

The first time I saw it, she was two days old and looking at her daddy. It was an almost– just a mere pull at the corners of her mouth. Never really touching her eyes, it was more like a secret her lips shared with her heart, and of which her mind had no knowledge.

We gazed at her face while she slumbered and watched it dance and play across her tiny mouth, and we wondered what babies dream about to make their sleep so pleasant. But that remains a mystery.

Just like her, it continues to grow, and one day, her little mind found out the secret her lips and heart shared and it approved of the joke, tugging the corners of her mouth to expose toothless gums in mild amusement. Sometimes, it would poke through as she was nursing, spilling milk all over us both, making me laugh.

And then it blossomed. As I babbled and cooed and sang nonsense, her eyes crinkled and sparkled, her face beamed, and her body danced with hilarity. And now, each day I am favored with this sunshine, the warmth of which will cause me to catch her up and cover her with kisses amid exclamations of astonishment at her wonderfulness.

It greets me every morning and throughout the day, but the biggest, the brightest, the sunniest, coming from the heart with the mind’s full approval and the lips’ enthusiastic participation is reserved for “I love you.”

And she doesn’t need words for me to hear, “I love you too!”


§ 43 Responses to LJ Idol Week 3- Smile

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